May 14, 2011

Lita Ford - Interview 2011

Lita Ford interview conducted at the 2011 M3 Rock Fest!

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The final interview of the day was with Lita Ford! Rock N Roll Experience: Ok, so I always told myself that if I ever met you I'd confess one thing to you & that thing is, growing up you were the hottest woman in rock n roll & you were the first woman I ever jerked off to as a kid.

Lita Ford: (laughs) You're very welcome! It was my pleasure!

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you see "The Runaways" movie?

Lita Ford: No I didn't

Rock N Roll Experience: How come you were not involved with it at all?

Lita Ford: The problem is that I don't get on with the management, Joan's management & Cherie's management, it's the same guy & I've had problems with them since 1985 & this guy is fucking with me & he's still fucking with me to this day & I didn't want to work with them, they offered to buy the rights to my life story for a thousand bucks which is ridiculous & I think The Runaways are worth more than that, I'm not saying anything bad about The Runaways because The Runaways are a big part of my life & I love them but I think the movie is misleading because it's really a story about Joan & Cherie & Kim Fowley & it's not really a story about The Runaways, where's much is missing, but I didn't watch it, I've heard alot about it so I'm just repeating what I've heard.

Rock N Roll Experience: In the movie Kim had a helluva story, was Kim really that crazy?

Lita Ford: Not really, he's just a guy...see, the thing about Kim is he's eccentric and he tried to bring attitude out of the girls, when you're 16 you don't know how to be a rockstar & he tried to bring attitude out of the girls & he did it in a weird way, I think the girls would take it the wrong way & he would call us names and but they were kinda funny ya know, it was like, he was a funny guy & he was trying to be all sexy & stuff & he was like one of the grossed & ugliest guys I've ever met in my life so it was funny but he really did teach me alot & I think they just looked at it in the wrong way, I don't think he ever meant to hurt anybody.


Rock N Roll Experience: When you watch The Runaways movie it's eluded that Joan Jett had sex with everyone in the band...did you ever have sex with Joan Jett?

Lita Ford: Maybe

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you mean maybe?

Lita Ford: I don't really remember, I might have been drunk (laughs)

(edit) Rock N Roll Experience: Were you happy with the last studio record you made?

Lita Ford: No, because it was all under Jim's control and it was a Jim record, it wasn't a Lita record, Jim's a great singer, I mean he really should do his own album it would probably do really well, but it wasn't a Lita record & although it has my name on it & the artwork was really great, I loved the artwork but I think this next record is going to make a statement, the next record is going to tell the story, It's going to tell the story about what happened between me & Jim, what happened between me & my kids & the whole last 16 years of my life which is's going to be an inspiration to alot of people...people go through alot of shit, hard times, like I just signed a magazine for a guy named Steve who has diabetes & he couldn't make it....I mean people go through hell, life is hell sometimes.

Rock N Roll Experience: I'm going to change gears totally after that question & ask, How was Tony Iommi in bed?

Lita Ford: (give me a big thumbs down!)

Rock N Roll Experience: He was so old..just for the record you are giving me a thumbs down, right...what we you thinking, was it simply because he was in Black Sabbath?

Lita Ford: I worshipped Black Sabbath, absolutely, especially Tony as a guitar player, he is the originator of all those heavy riffs I mean...we were talking about him last night, I know he had an accident with his fingers so he wears those leather tips on his fingers & I think he's more of a riff player where he comes up with these really heavy attitudinal songs which made Black Sabbath, nobody was like Black Sabbath! Nobody played those heavy...I mean even Led Zeppelin, they were heavy but they weren't dark like Sabbath & I think that's part of the reason why he played like he did because of the accident that happened with his hands, I mean it created a whole world of rock n roll.

Rock N Roll Experience: Was the haunted house story that Nikki wrote about in the Motley book true?

Lita Ford: I never saw nothing fly, (laughs) I heard about that but I didn't read the book, Nikki was very into the satanic stuff, I've dated some crazy people, haven't I?! He was very into satanic stuff, I mean we had a huge pentagram of the devil hanging on our wall & he was just really truly into it & I don't know if he did magic or anything like that, I know he drank alot, not sure about things flying around though (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience: Ok, my last question is When is the Lita Ford autobiography coming out?

Lita Ford: That is a good question....I've started writing with a ghost writer & it's gonna take some time because it's got to be right and there's a lot...I want it to be not just about rock n roll but I want it to be an inspiration for people, I want it to be about music & about growing up and having a dream & following your dreams so there's alot more to it than just snorting cocaine & having lesbian sex!

Rock N Roll Experience: I always thought it was cool that you used your looks but didn't pose totally nude because it would have cheapened your music.

Lita Ford: Well, actually I did, I had a guitar over my body

Rock N Roll Experience: But you couldn't see anything!

Lita Ford: EXACTLY! EXACTLY! (laughs) We got the idea for that picture from the Russian girl who posed with the snake, all she had on was a big snake

Rock N Roll Experience: And you know that the snake was a penis reference!

Lita Ford: Oh...yeah...she was very sexual, she was...I think she was in some Roman Polanski films

Rock N Roll Experience: Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Lita Ford: I'm hungry & I can't wait to get on the fuckin stage!

Rock N Roll Experience: Hey! You're supposed to say "I'm Hungry For Your Sex!"

Lita Ford: That's the second song in the set tonight, yeah!


Author: Bob Suehs