Mar 22, 2014

Dinosaur Pile-up

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An Interview with DINOSAUR PILE-UP



Baltimore, Maryland

About 15 minutes after Dinosaur Pile-Up finished their set I was whisked to their dressing room backstage where I had a one on one chat with the 3 members of the band.

Bassist Jim Cratchley was quiet and barely said a word throughout the interview while drummer Mike Sheils would chime in occasionally which left lead singer/guitarist Matt Bigland to do all of the talking.

Matt is a modest English gentleman who made a cup of hot tea just before we started the interview. The entire band were super chill and the interview was more like a casual conversation amongst friends rather than an in-depth pressing interview.

Rock N Roll Experience: What does the name Dinosaur Pile-Up mean?

Matt: It doesn’t mean anything, I watched that stupid King Kong remake years ago when I was a kid and there was this ridiculous part of it where there was a dinosaur pile up and that was so ridiculous I said I was going to start a band and call it that but I didn’t really intend to but when we didn’t have a name that just kept popping up. I kinda like it though because even when I read it, I’m just really obsessed with time & the planet and it makes me think about all of the prehistoric shit.

Rock N Roll Experience: Who are some of your influences?

Matt: Mostly like 90’s guitar.... (Smashing) Pumpkins, Nirvana

Rock N Roll Experience: I knew you were going to say Nirvana!

Matt: Yeah...Pumpkins as well too, early Foo Fighters, Deftones, Granddaddy, I basically found a bunch of cd’s in my brothers room when I was too young to have musical taste and everyone in England was listening to Oasis & Blur so I was like, Oh, that must be what I should like so I went and bought “Great Escape” by Blur and “Definitely Maybe” by Oasis and listened to them and I kinda disliked them because everyone was into them and I went into my brothers room and he had a pile of cd’s like (Smashing) Pumpkins, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, and a few others but that was like the stack of cd’s that I related to.

(we got into a conversation about cover songs at this point)

Mike: I wanna redo the “Black Album” but just the drums! I wanna redo all the drums

Rock N Roll Experience: The first 4 Metallica records are the best though

Mike: Yeah, I know, but the drums on those first 4 records are big because they were speed metal and the Black album is where they changed & I thought Lars just fucked up and I’d love to give it.....

Rock N Roll Experience: I noticed your guitar is missing alot of paint & has a chunk out of it, did you buy it used like that or did you cause the damage yourself?

Matt: I wore it out myself because I have a really bad technic. It was pristine years ago. I spent months trying to find the right guitar cheap I found this place is Glasgow that couldn’t sell it so he sold it cheap. I took the train for like 5 hours...I literally remember getting there and back in the day when you didn’t have an iphone I remember getting to the station and literally going straight to the shop for like 10 minutes, walked in, bought the guitar, paid for it, then went back to the train....I was on my feet for like 10 minutes total. I’ve actually dug into the guitar & I’m not proud of it, it means I’m shit but I do like it because it’s unique

Rock N Roll Experience: What bands would you like to tour with?

Mike: Weezer, Queens of the Stone Age, Deftones....

Matt: Deftones would be awesome. Queens of the Stone Age would be amazing.

Mike: Foo Fighters would be great I guess Matt: I don’t really like Foo Fighters now.

Mike: Well there goes our chances of a Foo Fighters tour (laughs) Matt: I don’t know, I like their early stuff but I just don’t connect with what they are doing now. I have not listen to their newer records yet I still listen to their first 2 records.

Rock N Roll Experience: Would you open for the Motley Crue farewell tour?

Matt: Probably not....I don’t know....

Mike: I’d love to go just to see them do “Kickstart My Heart”. I’d actually like to see the show though.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you like the show “Flight of the Concords”?

Matt: Yeah, we love that show. We were talking the other day about the episode called “The Actor” ...

Dinosaur Pile-Up are on tour all year so please check out the band when they play your town, you won’t be disappointed!



Author: Bob Suehs