Mar 27, 2014

Lullwater - 8X10 Club

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8X10 Club

Baltimore, Maryland

“Honest, Real, Genuine Rock n Roll Music Played with Integrity, Heart & Soul....that’s the best way I can describe Lullwater” - Bob Suehs / Rock N Roll Experience

Walking into the tiny 8X10 Club in Federal Hill I had no major expectations for the band Lullwater and it’s simply because every newer band out there today is rather bland to some extent. Pro Tools & heavy sampling have watered down the art of music making to where the expression of delivering a live rock show has almost gotten lost in the shuffle at this point.

“Lullwater’s been around for almost 7 a foursome it’s 2 years.” - John Strickland (Lullwater - Singer/Guitarist)

Walking into the club my attention was immediatly captivated when I heard the tones of 2 Les Paul guitars jamming out solid chunky rhythm while the singer’s gritty voice was only shadowed by his messy curly hair. THIS is what a rock band should be....totally live, guitar/bass/drums with real singing! Lullwater poured their hearts out on that stage and the crowd surprisingly loved the shit out of them too!

“We’re trying to change the game honestly, we’re trying to bring it (Rock N Roll) back” - John Strickland (Lullwater - Singer/Guitarist)

I made that comment about the crowd simply because Lullwater opened for Passafire on this night & Passafire are very different musically than Lullwater!

“Our particular genre we do has kind of hindered us in the past as far as not being able to fit on certain bills with like Active Rock or most modern alternative rock....we just do our thing and it’s real, we’re not trying to force anything.” - Brett Strickland (Lullwater - Lead Guitar)

Lullwater remind me musically of Seven Mary Three, Monster Magnet, & Kyng. Stylistically the band have roots in 70’s oriented rock coupled with 90’s tonality.

“We wanna write great songs but at the same time we’re not trying to be commercial.” - John Strickland (Lullwater - Singer/Guitarist)

Athens, Georgia based, Lullwater are paying their dues by touring the States, playing their music for a new crowd every night & building a solid fan base by delivering strong rock shows!

“This wasn’t easy, we’ve been touring our brains out for 4 f**king years and now it’s finally catching on and we can go on the road, sustain ourselves and play shows and get feedback.”- John Strickland (Lullwater - Singer/Guitarist)

“I hope we don’t come off like we have alot of animosity ...well, we kind of do (laughs), but we’re getting tired of being f**king shit on and being told that we’re this f**king close, if I hear that we are this f**king close one more time I’m going to lose my shit on somebody! We’ve been in a pressure cooker for the last month or so with industry people (who say) “We really like what you’re doing BUT let’s rip your f**king soul out, shit all over it, jerk off on it and then make you into a radio band....let’s add a backing track & then tell you that you’re not going to make it but yet...”- John Strickland (Lullwater - Singer/Guitarist)


Author: Bob Suehs