Apr 6, 2014

Faster Pussycat - House of Rock

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House of Rock

White Marsh, Maryland

I used to always consider Faster Pussycat to be a tad lazy when it came to their shows, their set lists & the fact that they have very little studio recorded music for as many years as the band has been around. Talking to Taime Downe after the show my perspective on the band changed.

Faster Pussycat played the House of Rock in White Marsh on Sunday, April 4, 2014 and the bands set was exactly one hour in length due to time restrictions yet they came, they saw, and they conquered the crowd with a set that was part retro, part new-ish and overall the band delivered a solid show.

The venue was a little less than 1/2 packed with about 150 people in attendance if you count the local openers who stayed to watch their set. For a Sunday night in this area that’s actually a good crowd considering people don’t really support live rock n roll like they used to.

Ace’s guitar solo’s were a tad too low in the overall mix from where I stood but Taime’s vocals were actually up and loud in the mix which made the set enjoyable for me because I could hear his voice! Taime does what he does...his singing is gutter glam with rough edges and that’s what makes Taime’s style so distinct. Onstage Taime does come off a tad laid back & I always thought he was just being lazy. When I spoke Taime after the show I realized that’s just his personality & his laid back demeanor....Taime’s not an aggressive person, he’s mellow & lax which can be misinterpreted if you don’t realize that about him.

The set this night covered alot of the first record with “Non Stop To Nowhere” & “Jack The Bastard” from the “Whipped” record as well as a new song called “Pretty Ugly” which Taime told me would be released soon on an upcoming EP from the band.

“Pretty Ugly” sounds like straight up old school Faster Pussycat and Taime told me that it was not the best song from the dozen plus songs they recently wrote but they decided to play it on this tour.

Taime said that Faster Pussycat has over a dozen new songs written/record and they simply needed to go back, add Ace’s solo’s, tweak things, and then they would release a few tracks randomly via EP’s which would be released to coincide with shows. There’s no set date for the EP’s but the fact that Faster Pussycat IS working on new music made me respect Taime because it showed he still wanted to create new music & not just live off past glory.

Taime made a comment that someone asked him earlier to play a certain song and he cracked me up when he stated, “This is my band & I play what the fuck I want!”. Taime admitted that there are like 4 songs which include “House of Pain” that he has to play at every show but the rest of the set he decides on depending upon his mood and what he feels like doing.

“Don’t Change That Song” sounded awesome and the night concluded with “Babylon” which brought the house down!



Author: Bob Suehs