Apr 20, 2014

Local H - Metro Gallery

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April 20, 2014

Baltimore, MD

Metro Gallery

“That’s It, I Quit, I Don’t Give A Shit!” 90’s apathetic, angst ridden grunge rock is where I’d say Local H fall in terms of categorizing their musical style yet they also have a side that’s straight up hard rock with occasional punk elements tossed in for good measure.

I was surprised on Easter Sunday Local H packed The Metro Gallery in downtown Baltimore. The crowd was an interesting mix of scene kids, post grunge rejects and everyone up front knew almost every word to every song which gave Scott an instant choir of sorts when he sang songs like “High Fivin' MF” or “Alright, Oh Yeah”.

Scott’s guitar rig is possibly the most unique rig in hard rock because on the floor he has 3 full consoles of pedals.....one side if all stomp box pedals, the middle one is a vocal processor & the other is a pod styled set up. Then there’s Mr Lucas’s guitar which has a both a bass & guitar pick up which is hard wired to play at the same time...that’s part of the secret to how the band gets such a full sound with just 2 guys onstage!

This was the first tour with the bands new drummer & let me tell you, he’s a hard hitting rocker who’s drumming style comes off almost hardcore because he pounds the kit so damn hard!

Sound wise the venue has never impressed me because it has no real acoustics which causes the sound to just bounce and lose all the natural dynamics....Local H played loud as shit and the heavy distortion filled the room while the heavy hitting drums kept each song flowing; my best analogy is that the drums are the heartbeat for each song Scott performs onstage and interestingly enough when there was a small break & the drums started off a song the crowd sang “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister!

The duo played an intense set and I’ll give it to the guys...the 2 of them make just as much noise onstage as a full band comprised of 4 members would & it’s interesting to note that Local H use NO backing tracks or samples during their live shows, what you see onstage is 100% live!

Author: Bob Suehs