Apr 25, 2014

M3 Rock Fest 2014 (Day#1)

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April 25, 2014 (Day #1)

Columbia, MD

Merriweather Post Pavilion

KIX Set List: Stop Show, Rosie, Itch, Body Talk, Top Down, Girl $$, Don’t Close Your Eyes, Rock N Roll Overdose, Cold Blood, Blow My Fuse, Midnight Dynamite, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Lita Ford Set List: Bitch, Hungry, Relentless, Live Like A Runaway (w/ Cherie), Queens of Noise (w/ Cherie), American Nite (w/ Cherie), Cherry Bomb (w/ Cherie), Close My Eyes Forever, Kiss Me Deadly (w/ Robert Mason)

The weather was decent until just around show time....the clear skies turned dark and rain poured down upon the hair metal freaks; welcome to day #1 of the 2014 installment of the M3 Rock Fest!

Sadly I was stuck in traffic due to heavy rainfall which caused me to miss all of Winger’s set. I arrived just as Lita Ford took the stage and little did anyone know this would be the set that offered the most surprises of the evening. During “Runaway” Lita brought out a special guest, Ms. Cherie Currie and to everyone’s surprise she stayed out there for a total of 4 songs! “Cherry Bomb” was Cherie’s last song with Lita and it was the one that brought the house down!

From a distance Lita looks awesome but up close there’s no hiding the aging process...to her credit she still sounded great & her voice was solid. “Close My Eyes Forever” was touching and during “Kiss Me Deadly” another small surprise happened when Robert Mason from Warrant took the stage to sing with Lita!

When Lita’s set ended that could have easily been the end of day #1 because that was a hard act to follow BUT up next was Extreme. Before Extreme took the stage Eddie Trunk came out wearing a white presidential robe that he said Obama gave him. Eddie should have realized that mentioning Obama in that crowd was not a smart move because he was actually booed when he mentioned Obama and then he changed his story to win back the crowd.

Extreme took the stage fast with Nuno shredding away, Pat pounding the bass & Cherone “The Bone” dancing and prancing. The very noticeable thing about Gary is that he’s starting to lose his hair and has noticeable thinning spots which made me wonder why he decided to grow his fro out. Performance wise Extreme nailed it; they sounded great and Nuno’s playing was spot on although Nuno did have one diva moment. Nuno’s guitar rig was unplugged randomly and he had a fit onstage because as it turned out his roadie told him that someone accidentally pulled out the power chord....Nuno said in a sarcastic tone that “She better have been pretty because that was pretty damn unprofessional!”

KIX were the nights headliner and they tossed in 2 brand new songs alongside old standards. Before “Body Talk” Whiteman said the band was paid $1,000 to play that one on by a fan. The KIX show was pretty standard with a few random changes to the set list and as usual their set closed with “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”.

At one point I was watching KIX with a friend and this random woman came up to me and handed me a marker. She asked me to sign her boobs and I told her that I wasn’t famous but she said she didn’t care, she wanted me to sign her boobs....that random moment is a small taste of the dunken debauchery that I experienced on night #1 of the 2014 M3 Fest and it was where I chose to end the night because I wanted to be ready for day #2!


Author: Bob Suehs