May 26, 2014

Mushroomhead, Framing Hanley & more

Mushroomhead, Framing Hanley, GG Allin & Slam Suzzanne record review!

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”The Righteous and the Butterfly”

The latest release from Mushroomhead is a well written rock record which shows growth within the band on not only a musical level but structural direction.

The heaviness is still there but the melodic moments are far more prevalent than on previous releases which makes the disc commercial sounding.

“T.R.& T.B.” opens heavy and fast but by track #2 the tone turns to twisted, dark & slow(er) than how the record initially starts.

For what it’s worth I feel like this is Mushroomhead’s finest moment in terms of production, composition and overall direction because they do their own thing, they have a style that’s distinct to their brand and this record is solid from start to finish.


”The Sum of Who We Are”

Reading the liner notes to this record you realize things were totally funded via a kickstarter campaign and the boys gave their fans a strong record chock full o’ modern rock hooks.

Every song is pop driven with hummable choruses, rock grooves and clean vocals.

”Simple Life” & Science” are the songs that’s a tad different than the rest on this disc because the tone is darker and a bit more experimental on these tracks.

“Castaway” is the perfect closer for this record because it’s a touching track that wraps it all up very nicely.


”On The Floor With Your Mom”

This record is a re-release and the music is straight up metal with a touch o’ punk infused. “No Food” has a guitar riff that’s a straight up Black Sabbath rip off but the tone isn’t as thick as Sabbath. In the bands defense what metal guitar riff isn’t a slight rip off of Black Sabbath in some way?

Loud, fast & always cracking jokes, Slam Suzzanne were a band who’s music was created with a sense of humor ala Mucky Pup & Psychostick.

It’s a shame this band never went further than they did because they wrote some goofy yet catchy songs & when they sing “It hurts when I pee” in “Perforated Condom” you realize the genius in this band *sic* .


”Live 1993 (un)Censored - DVD”

If you are familiar with GG Allin this dvd will not be shocking to you; if you have no clue who GG Allin is I will warn you, he takes a shit on stage & eats it, he pisses on himself, he’s naked throughout most of this dvd, he fights the crowd, he beats himself till bloodied with his mic, he shoves the mic up his ass & those are the mellow moments on this dvd!

This dvd captures some of the last shows GG ever performed and these were the bloodiest shows of his career with an emphasis on brutality and bizarre behavior!

When you watch a GG Allin performance the music doesn’t matter; the essence of watching GG perform was simply wondering what in the hell he was going to do next because the man was a ticking time bomb and he would do almost anything to make the audience gasp!

GG asks a male fan to show him his dick, he fondles a female fan briefly and there’s alot o’ poop in these concert clips!

If GG were still alive I couldn’t see him getting booked in most clubs and I’m always amazed he found venues to perform in considering his show was far more X-rated than anything you’d see in a strip club. What also astounds me is the fact that people would show up to have shit thrown at them, literally! GG fans loved when the man would jump in the crowd & beat them up because GG fans were a breed of their own. When you watch this dvd you realize GG took it to the extreme with his performances and no other performer in rock n roll has ever done what GG did...thank God!

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Author: Bob Suehs