May 30, 2014

Crobot / Scorpion Child - Metro Gallery

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May 30, 2014

Baltimore, Maryland

Metro Gallery

Crobot & “The Child” are working class rock n roll bands that play no frills, chunky riff rock in an era where the “riff” has been replaced by the “machine”. What I mean by that opening statement is that the art of creating “real” rock n roll has somehow been lost over the last decade and bands rely heavily on backing tracks & “tricks” to cover up their lackluster performances onstage. There are still bands that do it 100% live on stage and that’s where the true magic of rock n roll is experienced!

I arrived in time to catch the tail end of Castle’s set and they were a killer 3 piece band who’s overall sound was sludge-a-riffic!

The Flying Eyes were next and they are a Maryland based psych-rock band that imagines atmospheric melodies on their instruments with a heavy emphasis on trippy vibes that are layered with heavy tones. A large part of the crowd actually left once Flying Eyes were finished their set!

Crobot actually set their own gear up, they rearranged the stage to fit their needs and once their set started the energy level went up 100% because the 4 members of Crobot give a high energy performance which sets the tone for the a true rock show!

Brandon Y. is an interesting frontman because he’s a skinny dude who looks like he stepped out of 1974 with his long sideburns, even longer hair, 70’s styled button up shirts, 70’s styled vest(s); I saw Crobot for the first time at Rock On The Range 2014 and I described Brandon as a more rock n roll version of Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes because both gentleman seem to have walked out of a time machine which was set for 40 years ago. Performance wise Crobot tore the roof off the Metro Gallery and they sounded great doing it!

Bishop on guitar is the bastard child of Jimmy Page & Tom Morello because his playing is equal parts of both. What I couldn’t help but notice about him was that he sweat so much during this show that his “Truck Fighters” cap was literally dripping sweat from the brim!

The rhythm section was perfection and the brothers Figueroa (Yes, they are literally brothers by blood) work perfectly together! My only complaint about the Crobot set was that they played for just over 30 minutes....the crowd clearly wanted a little more as did I but they filled their allotted time slot and had to make room for the nights headliner, Scorpion Child.

Texas based Scorpion Child were hanging out for the entire show and they actually watched the opening bands from the crowd which showed they were not stuck up rock stars who didn’t give a shit about the opening bands on the bill. Style wise Scorpion Child are a proper mix of early Black Sabbath with a touch of Led Zeppelin, a hint of Trouble, and just a touch of Pentagram. New drummer Jon Rice formerly of Job For A Cowboy adds heavy beats to the bands sound and “The Child” delivered a kick ass hour long set.

From start to finish this was a really good rock show where all the bands clearly enjoyed each other’s sets, there were no attitudes, no rock star bs, no one was trying to be the “star”, it was all about the music and the vibe....this show was the blue print for what rock n roll is all about!


Author: Bob Suehs