Jun 2, 2014

Foxy Shazam - Soundstage



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June 2, 2014

Baltimore, Maryland


The first time I’d seen Foxy Shazam I was inspired by the bands ode to 70’s rock because not only did the band sound very 70’s-ish but their lead singer Eric Nally had this Freddie Mercury look going on which was totally opposite of what was happening at that point in time. Flash forward a few years and much of the 70’s vibe has been stripped away within Foxy Shazam in favor of a modern approach/sound that’s reminiscent of Cage The Elephant in many ways. Nally no longer looks like Mr. Mercury either!

It’s interesting how the first time I’d seen Foxy Shazam they were opening for Hole at the 9:30 Club in DC and that crowd was literally annoyed with the band. I was impressed with how Foxy Shazam worked as a unit on stage that night and to see how the band has evolved since then is amazing. Music featured on the bands latest release “Gonzo” is a tad loose on an artistic level and the band is very open to experimentation with many of the songs having absolutely no commercial appeal whatsoever.

The show this night was packed and it was interesting to note that the entire front of the stage was surrounded by pretty girls who fought to get close to the band while singing every word to every song! The sound was impressive from where I stood because you could hear all instruments loud & clear and the music you heard this night was played live on stage with no samples or tracks.

Head stands, weird rants, instrument switching amongst band members, and between song clothing changes made the set interesting because Foxy Shazam don’t rely on props or pyro when they play...the entire show is created by the music the band releases alongside the energy they exude/release while on stage.

When Foxy Shazam finished the last song of their set they abruptly left the stage as to not hang around any longer than they had to once they were finished playing. About 15 minutes after the show ended the entire band minus Eric came out to meet fans, take pics & sign autographs. The show was over before 11 PM & most of the crowd vacated the venue before 11:20 PM.


Author: Bob Suehs