Jun 28, 2014

Night Ranger - Dundalk Heritage Fest

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June 28, 2014

Dundalk, Maryland

Dundalk Heritage Fest

The last time I visited Dundalk’s Heritage fest I swore I’d never go back again because the crowd was trashy on a level I can’t even describe and it was just a bad experience from start till finish.

Never say Never because I found myself back at the 2014 Dundalk Heritage fest to catch Night Ranger and this go round the fair patrons were a tad less annoying yet still just as trashy! One trend that never left Dundalk is the flip phone. If you paid attention you saw a ridiculous amount of the old school razors being used to take pics at this show & a few times I glanced at the phones to see this tiny blip of lights that the phone captured....that is the beauty of Dundalk because the entire area is about 15 years behind civilization!

Jack Blades declared, “I will continue to create new music till the day I die!” when he introduced the bands latest single and what I give Night Ranger credit for is their amazing sound & performance. Night Ranger went on hiatus for several years but never lost the magic they had from day one. Musically the band sounds so much better than most of the bands that came out when they did and despite a few signs of physical aging the members of Night Ranger perform like they did when they started.

Throughout the set Night Ranger tossed out random covers which included “Crazy Train” by Ozzy, “Hotel California” by The Eagles, “Hey Jude” by The Beatles, and “Highway Star” by Deep Purple to name just a few.

At one point Jack asked the crowd if this was anyone’s first concert and An older gentleman raised his hand. Jack quipped that the guy was not young at all & that he needed to start getting out more because he wasn’t getting any younger. The interaction with the crowd was where Jack’s personality came out and you can clearly tell the man loves playing music & entertaining his fans.

“Comin of Age” & “High Enough” by Damn Yankees were included in the set with “Rock in America” as the nights closer.

Night Ranger delivered a kick ass performance and they were absolutely flawless in terms of their overall performance.

Author: Bob Suehs