Jul 22, 2014

Warped Tour 2014 - Merriweather Post

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July 22, 2014

Merriweather Post Pavilion

Columbia, MD

Arriving just around an hour after the show had started I heard a random band on a side stage say, “This song goes out to all the cool parents who brought their kids to the Warped Tour today!” and the band rocked a partial cover of “Panama” by Van Halen. This moment was ironically the best part of the show because it was the only moment where I heard a song that clearly stood the test of time and was recorded by a band that paid their dues, earned their success and created a legacy. There were no bands on this year’s Warped tour other than Anberlin who you could even consider a “headliner” and the lack of strong bands on this years bill made it a very forgettable event.


Enter Shikari were ok, Parkway Drive were ok, Icon For Hire were ok....every band on this bill were just “ok” with almost every band lacking that special “magic” that makes you remember them.

Motionless in White look cool and they borrow their looks from Marilyn Manson & Black Veil Brides BUT their music is so bland that it’s not even memorable.

Cute Is What We Aim for played a solid pop punk set on a smaller stage while most of the heavier bands played on the larger stages this year.

Ice Nine Kills were one of the big “hype” bands this year but their set just didn’t impress me outside of a few interesting guitar licks their guitarist tossed out. The Color Morale were one of the bands I discovered on this tour and while I wasn’t a super fan of what they did their crowd loved them so they earned my respect for entertaining the crowd.

Every Time I Die played the most “metal” set of the day and what always cracks me up about ETID is their sense of humor.....they always have the randomest “goofy” things they do to try and make you laugh yet they try to make it seem some how serious. I did notice a Danzig tattoo on their guitarists knee which I thought was interesting.

On every single stage this year a medium sized banner read “You Mosh, You Crowd Surf, You Get Hurt, We Get Sued, No More Warped Tour!”

Icon For Hire was the last band I caught because their set was over at 7:45 PM and by that point I felt like I’d seen enough of the show, it wasn’t getting any better and the crowd actually seemed to thin out some by that point. I could hear Anberlin starting their set in the distance as I was making my way to the parking lot and all I can is, PLEASE have a better line up for Warped Tour 2015!


Author: Bob Suehs