Aug 9, 2014

Sex Pistols, Jesse Macht & more

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”Suitcase Heart”

The latest release from Jesse Macht is an enigmatic record which takes the listener on various journey’s through the subconscious via harmonious lyrics, mellow tones & trippy vibes.



Mellow Alt rock with hipster tendencies....the hipster reference is not always the case but it fits this record in part. The latest release from Midge Ure is a retrospective/contemplative record which is written almost like a story set to music.


”International Blue”

Musically I am reminded of David Bowie meets Lou Reed when I listen to this disc. Dynamic and stunning yet in moments sullen & disturbing; this is a true work of art which won’t truly be understood till time passes. I’ve always found that amazing records take some time to understand, process & realize....this is a superb release which sounds amazing but is way ahead of its time!


”The Sex Pistols on TV” (dvd)

This compilation disc captures the core career of The Sex Pistols in a fun hour.

Johnny Rotten is the core study for this dvd with many interviews from his PIL project featured even though this disc is billed as a “Sex Pistols” release.

There is limited footage from the 70’s era of the Pistols and probably the best footage on this disc would be the footage from the bands ill-fated US tour which featured a very tiny chat with Sid. Watching this dvd you can’t help but laugh at how the entire career of The Sex Pistols was essentially a sham. The Pistols were the first “boy band” because they were assembled by Malcolm McClaren with an emphasis on fashion & looks over musical ability. McClaren was smart enough to know fashion would sell over ability which is how Sid Vicious became a rockstar. I’m both amused and annoyed with the fact that Sid became the biggest star from The Sex Pistols because he had no musical ability & couldn’t even play his bass! In my eyes Rotten & Jones were the stars of The Pistols because they had some talent and held the band together.

Towards the end of this dvd you see more recent interviews with Rotten & the boys and you realize The Sex Pistols had their moment in time which has long since passed. The bands 2 “reunion” runs marred their small legacy because no one needs to see old men The Sex Pistols.

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Author: Bob Suehs