Aug 19, 2014

Doyle - Metro Gallery

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August 19, 2014

Metro Gallery

Baltimore, MD

DOYLE Set List: Abominator, Learn To Bleed, Valley of Shadows, Violent World, Where Eagles Dare, Cemetery Sex, HeadHunter, Hybrid Moments, Attitude, Love Like Murder, Last Caress, Mark Of The Beast, Dreaming Dead Girls, I Hope Hell Is Warm

I was honestly surprised when this show was announced at the Metro Gallery because the club itself is small and I expected a large turn out. The reality is that the club was the perfect size for this show because the turn out was small and the local openers probably brought the sized crowd that Doyle did in terms of ticket sales.

The venue set up is hard to explain because it’s not just a concert hall, it’s an actual art gallery where paintings are displayed. I’ve always disliked the sound in the Metro because it’s not truly set up for loud rock music. I will give the Metro Gallery props for the recent remodeling they’ve done because the new stage & upgraded sound is a step above what they had previously.

Doyle had to literally walk in the front door to take the stage and as soon as his intro tape ended the front doors were held open by a roadie who handed Doyle his guitar as he walked into the venue. Doyle had to walk past the crowd to get onto the stage and there was no barricade to keep the crowd away from the stage. Doyle and the band were literally an inch or so away from the crowd the entire night.

Random side notes about Doyle: He uses black electrical tape to hold his devil lock together and he tapes up several of his finger tips on both hands while playing. If you are lucky enough to get one of his stage used guitar picks they are sticky from the tape on his finger tips when he’s done using it.

I was impressed with Doyle’s guitar tone because the past few times I’d seen him he used way too much gain on his distortion which made a horrible guitar buzz throughout his entire set....on this night his tone was loud & direct but not too overbearing with the distortion where you heard non stop buzzing.

Doyle’s singer is bringing back the Paul Stanley chest hair and there’s no denying that he is Glenn Danzig-ish with his demeanor & looks.

Set wise they played several Misfits classics between Doyle solo material and the band commented that they didn’t have enough time to truly rehearse the newer material so they decided to do old Misfits songs in order to fill out the set.

At the end of the night they stated that they would return very soon and offer up more new material once they had enough time to properly learn the new material. It was odd how as soon as Doyle and co. finished their set the entire band walked through the crowd and out the front door. I left almost as soon as the band exited the stage and I was shocked to see Doyle just hanging outside of his bus cooling down and signing a stack of atleast 100 records and pictures for a local Ebay seller.

Doyle was nice to the autograph seller but clearly began to get annoyed with him after a few minutes. Doyle asked the guy, “How much do you sell these for?” and the guy made up a story that his wife makes him sell a few but the bulk of it was for his collection....sadly he does the same thing every time a celebrity is in town. Doyle actually signed every single item for the man and then joked that he owed him a check for $1,000 after signing all that crap.

This particular Doyle solo show was better than every Misfits show I’ve seen in the past 10 years combined and I’ll even go as far as to say that this show was even better than the shows where Glenn joined Doyle onstage because the band sounded great, they seemed “together” and there were no attitudes or egos up there, the band were having fun and connecting with the crowd.



Author: Bob Suehs