Aug 26, 2014

Crobot - Ottobar

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August 26, 2014


Baltimore, MD

CROBOT Set List: Space, Weigh, Night, La Ma, Nowhere, Black, Pale Ho, Cloud, Skull, Queen, Necro, Chupa, Fly

Pennsylvania based Crobot have been touring nonstop for the past 2 years and on October 28, 2014 the bands long awaited full length release “Something Supernatural” will be released.

Crobot are a high energy rock band with a sound that’s somewhere between Rage Against The Machine meets Fu Manchu. The rhythm section are so tight that they are flawless; Brandon’s vocals are high pitched and match his 70’s styled look; Chris’s guitar playing is heavy with grooves scattered about and his style really does remind me of Tom Morello quite a bit.

On this night the band played pretty much every song off their EP along with 2 b-sides which they rarely play. Crobot’s set was just around an hour long. Crobot generated so much energy that the hour they played felt like 10 minutes.

Jake (bass) & Paul (drums) are real life brothers and what crossed my mind while watching them play was, imagine if they were to jam with the Robinson Brothers from The Black Crowes or even the Gallagher Brothers from Oasis....a band comprised solely of 2 sets of twins has the makings of a Gum Commercial!

The oddest thing about this show was how early it ended, it was over by 10 PM sharp and the band went right back to their merch table to meet fans & party the night away.

Crobot are bringing back real old school rock n roll and I give it them because they are doing it totally live with NO samples and NO tracks, what you see on that stage is how their music is created.



Author: Bob Suehs