Sep 20, 2014

KIX - Rams Head Live

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September 20, 2014

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, MD

KIX have been a staple to the Baltimore Music Scene for well over 30+ years and to their credit they still deliver a high energy rock show just like they did in the beginning!

KIX singer Steve Whiteman still has the energy of a teenager with the frame to match and the band delivers the same superb musicianship with well crafted rock n roll vibrance that put them on the map.

The night kicked off with a private soundcheck party which was essentially the band checking their gear, running through a few songs and tweaking newer songs before the show started. “Midnight Dynamite” was played in it’s entirety as an instrumental with Whiteman only joining the band for the last minute of the song. When the 30 minute soundcheck was complete the band members came out to thank the invited fans and take pictures. The show itself did not start till much later with Cinder Road opening the night.

Cinder Road were ok, their sound was a tad generic and a little too radio friendly. The crowd seemed neutral in regards to Cinder Road’s set.

KIX took the stage just after 10:30 PM and their set was finished just around midnight. Set wise they included “Top Down” off the new record along with 3 new songs.

“Cold Shower”, “Midnight Dynamite”, “Cold Blood”, “Blow My Fuse”, “Hot Wire”, “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, “The Itch”, and “Girl Money” were all played with “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” as the nights closer.

If you’ve never seen a KIX show the best way I can describe it is that it’s an experience of energy, power and the bands style in both looks and sound define pure rock n roll!


Author: Bob Suehs