Dec 5, 2014

Crobot Interview

An interview with Paul Figueroa from CROBOT


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An interview with Paul Figueroa from CROBOT

Crobot are a kick ass hard rock band from Pennsylvania who’s sound is a blend 70’s riff rock meets 90’s rock. Crobot will perform at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on Wednesday, December 10 alongside Chevelle for a 98 Rock sponsored event.

I caught Crobot earlier this year in Ohio at Rock on The Range and was blown away by the bands onstage energy, fun demeanor and true rock n roll performance. I had the opportunity to chat with drummer Paul Figueroa and here’s what he had to say.

Rock N Roll Experience: How was it playing Rock on The Range this year?

Paul Figueroa: “Rock on the Range was an awesome experience. We played in front of the largest crowd of our career to date and got to hang with some of our favorite musicians afterward. We got to throw some back with the guys from Kyng, Down, and even met DMC himself - super cool guy. If that set the standard for us, then ROTR 2015 is going to kick ass.”

Rock N Roll Experience: Crobot has been on the road for most of 2014, in your opinion is rock n roll still alive in the USA?

Paul Figueroa: “Rock and roll is alive and well. If anyone thinks it's dead, please shut up, get out of the way, and let the real bands go to work.”

Rock N Roll Experience: What's been the biggest lesson you've learned on the road this year?

Paul Figueroa: “There's no shame in being the little spoon, especially on a cold night in a heatless van. And babywipes will literally save your ass.”

Rock N Roll Experience: Are there advantages to having brothers in a band?

Paul Figueroa: “As long as they're not the Gallagher brothers! Ok, for real though... There is a bond that forms between people who make music together, and everyone ends up becoming family after a time. Having two guys who have that bond from the onset definitely makes things tighter, but at this point, we are all becoming brothers in a sense.”

Rock N Roll Experience: What are Crobot's plans for 2015...will Crobot take part in any of the big festival shows in 2015?

Paul Figueroa: “2015 is going to be crazy. We have Shiprocked in February, followed by a 1 1/2 month UK/Euro tour with Black Label Society and Black Tusk. Then we hit the road with Volbeat/Anthrax for our first ever stadium tour. That run will bring us through some killer festies like ROTR and Rocklahoma. We are also playing the River Rock Fest in San Antonio and the Northern Invasion in cheesy Wisconsin.”

Rock N Roll Experience: Will there be a KYNG/Crobot tour at some point?

Paul Figueroa: “Kyng/Crobot tour? Oh hell yes, please. We toured with them earlier this year, and we all agreed the run was too short. Killer musicians and awesome dudes. We love those guys.”

Rock N Roll Experience: Is there any possibility of Crobot jamming onstage with Chevelle?

Paul Figueroa: “Life is but a world full of possibilities... ;)”

Rock N Roll Experience: With X-mas right around the corner, what was the best X-mas gift you ever received?

Paul Figueroa: “Best x-mas gift ever... I remember opening up the original Nintendo and being blown away by its 8 bit pixilated splendor. But my all time favorite gift was probably my first 'boom box'. It had a dual cassette player/recorder, allowing me to make tons of mix tapes. When I figured out how to record off of radio.... Mind blown. I spent hours making tapes and listening to them in my room, just staring at my boom box. My sister thought I was weird. She was right.”

For tickets to the Crobot/Chevelle show on December 10, 2015 at Rams Head Live please visit the clubs box office during hours of operation or go to

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Author: Bob Suehs