Mar 16, 2011

Eric Griffin - Interview 2011

Eric Griffin is best known as the bassist in what is referred to as the "Popular" version of the Murderdolls.
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March 16, 2011

Baltimore, MD

Eric Griffin is best known as the bassist in what is referred to as the "Popular" version of the Murderdolls.

The Murderdolls is a side project of Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison; essentially the band was an off shoot of The Rejects which Jordison created so he could play guitar & create music which was a bit different than what he played/wrote in his main act, Slipknot.

Jordison started working with Tripp Eisen & they recruited Wednesday 13 from The Frankenstein Drag Queens. The material that Wednesday 13 wrote with The Frankenstein Drag Queens would be the basis for what a large percentage of the debut Murderdolls record was written around.

There's a whole lump o' details I'll skip over like Tripp going to jail for having sex with underaged girls, etc., & I'll flash forward to the present day: Joey Jordison & Wednesday 13 decided to re-activate the Murderdolls & this time around they didn't invite back any of the bands previous members to partake in the recording or tour they are currently doing in 2011.

Eric Griffin helped create the look & sound that the band became known for & after a stint with Faster Pussycat Eric Griffin joined shock rock outfit The Genitorturers as the bands lead guitarist.

Eric confirmed with me that he was infact a full time, real deal member & would be writing with the Genitorturers in the near future just before I started this interview & Genitorturers drummer Sean sat in with this interview as well.

Eric has a soft yet subtly, scratchy voice & he's a really down to earth, mellow guy who gave me a one on one interview prior to his show on 3/16/11 in Baltimore.

Rock N Roll Experience: "Can I ask what happened with The Murderdolls & why you're not currently in the band?"

Eric Griffin: I'm not going to get too into this, but I do want to clear one thing up, there's been debate over whether or not I was asked & whether or not I turned it down and I just want to be clear up one thing. Those 2 guys (Joey Jordison & Wednesday 13) did not invite or ask any of the members, they just did what they did and I'm not going to get into the why's or the how's or the who's, but yeah, it was their show, they didn't ask, they didn't tell...just like the military & that's the end of it.

Sean: Would you say there's a reason, air quotes, that they didn't tell?

Eric Griffin: The quote, un-quote, "Reason they didn't ask or tell"...wait, hmmm, negative

Rock N Roll Experience: "Would you play with Wednesday 13' solo?"

Eric Griffin: Negative.

Rock N Roll Experience: "Would you play with Faster Pussycat again?"

Eric Griffin: Absolutley....Taime was literally the first person that I met when I moved to L.A. & I love all those guys to death, they are all great people, good friends & yeah.... in a second.

Rock N Roll Experience: I saw the opening night of that Faster Pussycat tour when you were in the band & everything went wrong.

Eric Griffin: You were there? That was the 2nd worst show I've ever played in my life, the first being my first with Wednesday 13. Usually the worst nights of my life are directly proceeded by being the best nights of my life, you just have more & more fun & then it quickly unravels

Rock N Roll Experience: What is the craziest thing you've seen on this tour so far?

Eric Griffin: I can't really get into that but I've definitely seen some crazy things, I've seen some things that I wish I could un-see...let's put it that way!

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you working on music outside of the Genitorturers?

Eric Griffin: Yup, I've actually had an on again, off again, mostly on again band called Sinical & we've been working on a record for a while now & it's actually going to be coming out this Summer in Europe on Dead Line Entertainment & in the States on Itunes.

Rock N Roll Experience: So are you doing anything else besides The Genitorturers Mr. Sean?

Sean: Nothing really right now, after this tour I might be going out with a band called Creep & Ivan from White Zombie played drums on their record & Alan Vine who played on Vince Neil's solo project...we are going to do like a month & 1/2 in the States so check out dates for Creep & then I'll probably set on my ass for a bit, write some music with Mr. Eric here for a new Genitorturers record & then we've got some European stuff with Genitorturers in July & August. Rock N Roll Experience: "Are you guys excited about the upcoming Motley Crue / Poison tour?"

Eric Griffin: This is the first I've heard about it, but I am now! I've been in a tour void, I don't know what's going on outside of this's like groundhog day, every day is the same.

Rock N Roll Experience: Yeah, it's Motley Crue, Poison & New York Dolls all Summer

Sean: You could get rid of the middle one in my opinion.

Eric Griffin: Right, I agree.

Rock N Roll Experience: You mean get rid of Poison?

Sean: Yeah, I mean, I hear they put on a good show & I think I've seen them somewhere, but I don't know, they weren't my favorite 80's band I guess. Eric Griffin: I like C.C. (Deville), C.C.'s a funny guy.

Rock N Roll Experience: Even though C.C. found God & is born again?

Eric Griffin: When did that happen?

Rock N Roll Experience: When C.C. got sober he found God.

Eric Griffin: (Does a C.C. impersonation) "Our father, who art in heaven, I've found the Lord, I'm C.C.!" (laughs)


Rock N Roll Experience: Bret Michaels is charging $1,000 to meet him on this upcoming tour

Eric Griffin: Do you get to see him without his bandana on? What's going on under there? Inquiring minds want to know!

Rock N Roll Experience: So when this tour ends what are you doing next?

Eric Griffin: I'm actually doing another tour & I don't think it's been officially announced yet so wait & see on that one, but that starts pretty much immediately after this tour & then some more Genitorturers dates in Europe this Summer, the release of the Sinical record finally & right now it's just me & another guy, Brian H. who have pretty much assembled the record & there's been alot of superstar guest drummers and I did most of the bass, we had a couple of outside bass players but we'll probably put a rhythm section together & do some shows with that, I have a pretty full plate right now which is exciting & stressful & we'll see what happens.

Rock N Roll Experience: I saw Lady Gaga's current tour a few weeks ago & she has a live rock band backing her, would you ever consider playing in her live band?

Eric Griffin: Yeah, I think for some reason the paycheck for that wouldn't be bad, so clearly....(laughs) I like what she does, what's funny about Lady Gaga is to me, in her videos it's pretty apparent that she's influenced by Marilyn Manson which is strange for a pop diva, she's sorta like the bastard child of Madonna & Marilyn Manson & throw a little bit o' Britney & Aguillera in there or whatever, but...

Rock N Roll Experience: I know you're a big KISS fan so I have to ask, what's your favorite KISS song?

Eric Griffin: Man, you know what? Everyone's going to get mad at me for this, but it's just a circumstance thing, like when I was growing up the first rock record I ever got was "Dynasty" & like everybody hates that record, it's actually called KISS-co or whatever, but I love that fucking record dude & when I was a kid my relatives would come over & I had this thing called Mr. Microphone and I'm probably dating myself here but I used to rock "I Was Made For Loving You" for all my relatives because it was their big disco hit, but that kinda got me into rock from there & it was probably the make-up, I'm still a Gene Simmons nut, Ace Frehley too. Wednesday 13 was more of the Paul (Stanley) guy, Gene & Ace are definitely my favorite members & like "2,000 Man", "Charisma", "Sure Know Something", I just really like that record & I don't care, it's awesome! That's what drew me in and it was seeing them on TV in their make-up & their characters, like to me, rock n roll stars were always sorta like super heros.

Rock N Roll Experience: "Did you have the 70's KISS dolls?"

Eric Griffin: Yeah, I had all of them...I still have the Gene & Paul, I don't know what happened to the other 2 & there's like boots missing & chains & bat wings & stuff not quite there anymore but yeah I definitely still have those.

Rock N Roll Experience: I interviewed Wednesday 13 recently & he's a big KISS dork too.

Eric Griffin: Wednesday is a bigger KISS dork than I am, I am not going to lie, he's like an encyclopedia of ridiculous KISS facts, he's done his homework & I'll give him credit for that and nothing else.

Rock N Roll Experience: "What is the groupie situation like on this tour?"

Eric Griffin: Oh comment, we all have alot of fans & I'll leave it at that.

Rock N Roll Experience: "Do you still keep in touch with Acey Slade?"

Eric Griffin: Yeah, we played in Brooklyn a few days ago & I invited him out to the show and he couldn't make it because he was in L.A. with Joan Jett, Acey is on tour with Joan Jett, he's playing bass for Joan Jett...I just found that out too and Acey is a great guy and I'm really excited for him & I congratulated him on the gig & he's a super nice guy.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is there anything else I have not asked you that you'd like to add?

Eric Griffin: Hail Satan! (Eric points to his hat that has horns on it) I'm feeling quite horny right now (laughs)

Author: Bob Suehs