Jan 21, 2015

Marilyn Manson - The Fillmore

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January 21, 2015

The Fillmore

Silver Spring, Maryland

Set List: Intro, Deep Six, Disposable Teens, No Reflection, Slave Only Dreams to Be King, Great Big White World, Third Day of a Seven Day Binge, mOBSCENE, This Is the New Shit, The Dope Show, Cupid Carries a Gun, The Beautiful People, Sweet Dreams (Unplugged), The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles, Killing Strangers, Personal Jesus, Mister Superstar, Warship My Wreck (outro), Encore: Coma White

Doors opened at 8 PM and DC natives Black Cloud started the show just after 9 PM with an instrumental set. Black Cloud are a 3 piece industrial rock act and they definitely rocked but need a singer!

Opening night of the “Hell Not Hallelujah” 2015 Marilyn Manson world tour took place in Maryland at the Fillmore in the dead of Winter. Arriving shortly after 7 PM a line snaked around the block which was shocking considering Maryland had a decent amount of snow fall and below freezing weather throughout the day.

The fact that Marilyn Manson can still sell out large clubs is interesting because the last few Manson records were not well received and for a while the AntiChrist Superstar’s career had been on a serious downswing. The release of “The Pale Emperor” ushers in a new era for Manson and while Manson’s onstage vocals are still a far cry from his early, lean years; MM 2015 is an interesting evolution.

Adding a twin guitar attack onstage thickens up the sound and covers up any and all flubs with a wall of treble toned rock goodness! Twiggy’s bass rig had problem after problem which left some songs with no bass due to equipment failure on this night. At one point Twiggy got so pissed he threw his bass at the drum kit and walked off... the look on Twig’s face conveyed how he was feeling!

The BIG difference on a musical level is that the samples are scaled way back & all guitar parts are played live which I believe strengthen the 2015 version of MM. The keyboard parts are clearly sampled but in the past a song like “Sweet Dreams” would have a sampled guitar track over the live playing to fill it out and likewise with “Personal Jesus” which are both played totally live guitar wise now.

Speaking of “Sweet Dreams”, can you say Marilyn Manson unplugged? Yes, that happened on this night....a scaled back cover of the Eurythmics classic was played unplugged and it was a nice new addition to the live MM experience.

Manson appears far more driven on this tour and despite a few technical errors this show was a flashback to the “Mechanical Animals” era when the band had a tight sound & strong musicianship onstage.

This version of Marilyn Manson is more like a “band” due to the 3 new members basically carrying the musical end of the live show with Manson & Twiggy as the only original members (yes, I know, Gein was the original bassist but most know Twiggy as the original). This band is a far cry from how Marilyn Manson started out.....musically the band is way more organic at this point and the biggest difference between the “Mechanical Animals” era and this era is that the band are less glam. Most of the industrial elements have been stripped away in the current live show and I was surprised to see the band change up their set so drastically. “Beautiful People” was always the bands closer but not on this night! “Coma White” was the last song of the night and Manson had a mic stand filled with Lilies which was a throwback to when he would perform “Man That You Fear” on the ACSS tour with the same set up.

“Mister Superstar” was the song that floored me because it’s one they rarely play live and Manson started the song by actually playing the intro on guitar. On a musical level this is definitely the tightest version of Marilyn Manson to date and this is the longest show the band has deliver for many years.

Marilyn Manson is back, the crowd that witnessed night #1 of the tour were treated to a special treat: The return of old school Marilyn Manson!

Merch at this show was lackluster: $35 shirts with bland art, the real deal was the rampant bootleg shirt dealers selling the $10 ones outside which looked just as good as the full price ones inside (until you wash it!).




Author: Bob Suehs