Jan 25, 2015

Extreme - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD

It was a Sunday night in Baltimore, the weather outside was just a tad above freezing, and Boston based rockers EXTREME were playing a sold out concert at Baltimore Soundstage.

I ran into an old friend inside the venue and the first words out of his mouth were, “I roamed through the crowd already and there are no girls here younger than our moms!” That summed up the bulk of the crowd which was why it was so shocking that EXTREME had sold out on a Sunday night in Baltimore.

This show was billed as “An Evening with Extreme” which meant no opening act(s) which allowed Extreme to play a 2+ hour set that opened with “Porno-graffiti” played in it’s entirety.

Sound wise EXTREME were great with the rhythm section thick, Gary’s vocals up front in the mix & Nuno’s guitar loud as f**k!


I will admit that seeing “More Than Words” played just a few songs into the set felt odd because that song is what put them on the map and probably the one song where the room sang louder than Gary & Nuno!

What I did find annoying throughout the show were the amount of people filming the show with their phone. At this point the average smart phone is quite large and when you are trying to watch a concert through a sea of mini televisions you suddenly realize just how ironic technology is: they found a way to put a TV set in every pocket and obstruct your view in an annoying way at a concert!

Nuno’s acoustic solo was prefaced by Nuno joking that, “I’m actually paid by the amount of notes I play per minute so now it’s time to pay some bills!”

I give Extreme credit for being able to still sell out shows in Baltimore and rock just as hard as they did back in the day.


Author: Bob Suehs