Mar 14, 2015

Suicide Silence / Emmure - Soundstage

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Emmure / Suicide Silence

March 14, 2015


Baltimore, Maryland

On a Saturday night one might assume that a rock show would run a tad late considering there’s no school/work the following day, correct? That was not the case when Emmure and Suicide Silence played Baltimore on March 14, 2015. The show started rather early and was totally wrapped up a little after 10 PM!

This was a multi-band billing so I arrived a little after 8 PM hoping to miss some of the lesser known acts in order to avoid the fatigue of experiencing too much music in one evening. To my sadness I arrived just as Emmure were finishing up their last song. Emmure sounded great, the crowd loved their energy, and after Emmure were done a portion of the crowd actually left!

Eddie Hermida has some big shoes to fill when he takes the stage with Suicide his credit he pays homage to Mitch quite well while also retaining his own identity in the band.

It’s never easy to replace a core member of any band but I give Eddie credit for stepping up, doing what he does, and giving Suicide Silence new life. The crowd moshed throughout most of the S.S. set and there was a “Wall of Death” orchestrated by Eddie towards the middle of the bands set.

The only bummer of the night was how early the show ended, rock n roll should start at 10 PM NOT end...just ask Guns N Roses *sic*


Author: Bob Suehs