Mar 19, 2015

Drowning Pool / Adrenaline Mob - Fish Head Cantina




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Adrenaline Mob / Drowning Pool

March 19, 2015

Fish Head Cantina

Baltimore, Maryland

It felt like an erie deja vu moment because I remember many years prior I woke to the news that Dave Williams from Drowning Pool had died on his way to perform at Nissan Pavilion in Virginia which is considered a Maryland/DC tour stop. Flash forward a decade later and I’m at the Drowning Pool concert which would end up being the last show Twister Sister Drummer AJ Pero would ever play! Drowning Pool seem to have horrible luck in this part of the world!

I arrived just before Adrenaline Mob took the stage and what caught my eye was the size of Pero’s drum kit which was essentially a massive tank like contraption complete with 3 kick drums & more chrome than an old Chevy!

Pero’s kit was so massive that the band had very little room onstage to move around & the openers had little or no room!

Pero played his ass off & afterwards he was walking through the venue, greeting fans & seemed to be happy and healthy. Adrenaline Mob’s set was an hour long and the band mixed old school metal with newer metal style. The highlight of the Adrenaline Mob set was a Black Sabbath medley which brought the house down alongside a Charlie Daniels cover!

Drowning Pool were the nights headliner and they played “Sinner” in it’s entirety in honor of the record turning 13 years old.

Drowning Pool sound unchanged despite the revolving door of singers. The latest singer for Drowning Pool brings a little Spineshank-ish flavor to the mix and hopefully this guy will be a keeper!

The interesting reality of the night was that the crowd waited through the entire show for that one song....”Bodies”! When “Bodies” started the crowd went insane and after that song there was nowhere else for them to go and the entire band walked off the stage & directly into the crowd to sign autographs and thank their fans for supporting the band.

Sadly, this was the last show AJ Pero ever played because some time after the show ended AJ was found not breathing. No further details are available as of this reviews posting but we would like to express our deepest regrets to the Pero family for their loss.


Author: Bob Suehs