Apr 1, 2015

Electric Wizard / Satan's Satyrs - Soundstage

Electric Wizard / Satans Satyrs

April 1, 2015


Baltimore, Maryland


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Electric Wizard / Satans Satyrs

April 1, 2015


Baltimore, Maryland

ELECTRIC WIZARD Set List: Withcult, Black mass, Drugula, Dopethrone, Return Trip, Incense, Time To Die, Chosen Few, Funeralopolis

Formed in 1993 by singer/guitarist Jus Oborn, Electric Wizard are one of the most enigmatic cult bands to ever burst onto the rock scene. E.W. have released 10 records and remain a crucial force in the doom metal world despite having no major commercial success in the United States. The bands name was derived by combining 2 Black Sabbath songs, “Electric Funeral” & “The Wizard” and their 2014 tour marks the first time they’ve toured the United States in nearly 10 years aside from a one off show at the Maryland Death Fest in 2012.

It was shocking to hear the entire US tour had sold out way in advance because for me, I had heard the name Electric Wizard but didn’t know much about them prior to their current release “Time To Die”. Mixing horror & occult themes with drug references and musically combining St. Vitus & Black Sabbath...that’s the formula Electric Wizard abide by for every song they churn out. When they took the stage this night I will tell you first hand, their Marshall stacks were turned up very loud!

Satan’s Satyrs opened the show and I had no clue that their bassist/lead singer Clayton Burgess was pulling double duty and playing bass for Satan’s Satyrs & Electric Wizard.

S.S. fit the bill perfectly; their sound is an ode to Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath. Thick, Sludgy, tuned low, and bong rattling...that’s how I’d describe the music Satan’s Satyrs churned out this night and my only complaint was that Clayton’s vocals were a tad too low in the overall mix. You could hear his vocals on his side of the stage but if you were on the opposite side of the stage his vocals were buried in the mix and further into the crowd the sound was a tad muffled. The crowd enjoyed the Satyrs set and it was quite impressive how fast the turnaround between Satan’s Satyrs and Electric Wizard was....they shared the same gear and it was just a few minutes to break down the Satyrs drum kit before the Wizards set started.

If you were anywhere near the stage this night you were probably choked off by the heavy smell of Incense which filled the room with a thick smell of burning powder. I will warn you up front, if you plan on attending a show on this tour to buy a t-shirt early because at the end of the night most Electric Wizard merch is sold out! ALL shirts were $20 and they had some pretty cool designs; I figured I would wait until the end of the show to buy my shirt because I didn’t want to carry it around and that was a bad idea because by the end of the night the only shirts left were Satan’s Satyrs!


Electric Wizard had a long intro which seemed to go on forever and I’m not sure if that was on purpose or a mistake; regardless it worked fine because it built up the crowd anticipation!

Jus Oborn is a short guy and the first thing I noticed up front was just how low his mic stand was....rock n roll makes everyone look bigger onstage!

Liz dropped her guitar a few songs into the set and Jus had major technical issues with his pedals which caused a few hiccups in the show. Electric Wizard play as loud as Motorhead in concert and if you don’t wear ear plugs you will be deaf by the end of their set!

This show was actually impressive and inspiring for rock music in 2015 because if you dig below the surface you’d realize:

A. Electric Wizard are an underground band with a pure cult following who most people don’t even know yet were able to sell out a mid sized club shortly after the show announcement

B. The band has no “hits”

C. The band is not signed to a “major” label

D. They do it all themselves

E. There’s nothing commercial about Electric Wizard

F. They keep their merch prices low & sell out fast!

The last time I saw a phenomena like this was with Metallica; the mainstream had no clue what their fans had known for years!





Author: Bob Suehs