Apr 23, 2015

Butcher Babies / In This Moment - Rams Head Live

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Butcher Babies / In This Moment

April 23, 2015

Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

It was a Thursday night in Baltimore when Butcher Babies & In This Moment destroyed Rams Head Live for what was surprisingly a sold out show which rocked pretty hard!

I arrived just before Butcher Babies took the stage and the club was packed with an interesting mix of kids, young adults, and older people. The parents were clearly hanging at the bar while their children went to war in the mosh pit. Butcher Babies had a bigger mosh pit and more crowd surfing than In This Moment did!

There’s no way to deny that this night was all about big boobs and I preferred the Butcher Babies set to In This Moment’s because Butcher Babies were more of a “live” band onstage whereas In This Moment was 100% Maria Brink.

Butcher Babies went directly to their merch table once their set was finished and waiting for them was a long line waiting of kiddies who wanted pics and autographs. This billing was idea for Butcher Babies and definitely gained them some new fans!

I had already grown to dislike In This Moment once EVERYTHING became all about Maria Brink, BUT, once I saw the bands new live show I have to give them props for reinventing their sound, their show, and despite Maria’s limited vocals, In This Moment have taken charge of things and grown past their metal beginnings to become a pop-rock-goth-show that can draw a large audience!

In This Moment in 2015 are kinda like mixing Lady Gaga with Alice Cooper & Christina Aguilara...it’s very theatrical rock where the band is not as important as the lead singer. The highlight of the set for me was when Brink left the stage & the band jammed out a medley of Metallica, Slayer & Pantera!

Butcher Babies were 100 times better than In This Moment as far as I’m concerned BUT the bulk of the crowd would definitely disagree with me!

Author: Bob Suehs