Apr 24, 2015

Stone Temple Pilots / Dreamers - The Fillmore

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April 24, 2015

Silver Spring, MD

The Fillmore

Dreamers Set List: Waste My Night, Smoke It, Mammals, No Love, All For Myself, My Little Match, Keep Control, Wolves, Not A Love Song

STP Set List: Lounge Fly, Vasoline, Wicked Garden, Sex Type Thing, Pruno, Crackerman, Coma, Sin, Big Bang Baby, Out of Time, Heaven and Hotrods, Meatplow, Adhesive, Creep, Big Empty, Plush, Interstate Love Song, Down, Sex and Violence, Trippin On A Hole, Piece of Pie, Dead and Bloated

STP with Chester rocked a sold out show on April 24, 2015 at the Fillmore in Maryland and having seen Weiland’s current solo band “The Wildabouts” just a few weeks prior I can tell you for the record that STP w/ Chester blows Weiland’s “Wildabouts” out of the water!

Dreamers opened the show and their set was a solid 45 minutes of hard rock meets alt rock. The crowd enjoyed the 3 piece act and I had a moment of clarity while watching the band perform because I didn’t realize the song “Wolves” was their song...it’s a staple at Alt Nation on Sirius and the band has been touted as “One of the next big things for 2015” by much of the music press. After witnessing the bands live show I have to agree because Dreamers are a great live band and their set was solid!

There’s no denying that this crowd was ready to rock and they wanted some old school 90’s grunge via STP. “Lounge Fly” was the opening number for STP and it was definitely a calm before the storm because the bulk of the STP set rocked hard!

I was surprised that “Sex Type Thing” was 4th in the set because that’s one of the bands biggest hits! When you witness an STP live show you suddenly realize just how many top 10 hits the band has had in it’s 20+ year career and watching the audience absorb songs like “Interstate Love Song” & “Big Empty” you realize that these songs are the soundtrack to most of their fans lives. It’s interesting to see how each person goes off differently to each song because STP’s music is about love & loss and the crowd that was in attendance was clearly there since day #1.

 STP sounded amazing and Chester did a great job of replacing Weiland to a point where you kinda forget that Weiland’s not there anymore! The band played a 2 hour set and that’s something they never did in later years with Weiland on vocals.

Some people will definitely bitch that this is not STP without Weiland BUT you have to see the band to understand that they are still the same, Weiland wasn’t able to perform nor clean up to a point where he could do what Chester does onstage and as someone who’s seen STP through the years, this is the best STP has been in probably 8 or 9 years!


Author: Bob Suehs