May 12, 2015

Steel Panther - Soundstage

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May 12, 2015

Baltimore, MD


Steel Panther Set List: Pussy Whipped, Party, Fat Girl, Tomorrow Night, Shocker, 17 Girls, Glory Hole, If I Was The King, Guitar Solo, 10 Strikes, Acoustic Medley, Asian Hooker, Eyes of a Panther, Death To All But Metal, ENCORE: Community Property, Party All Day

It was a pleasant surprise to see Baltimore Soundstage filled with bodies on a Tuesday night for Steel Panther. The crowd was, as you’d expect, dressed in 80’s hair metal garb which made the crowd just as entertaining as the band on many levels.

Steel Panther have their comedy routines down quite well but the striking part of this show was their stage set up. They brought a full larger club styled stage set up which was almost a little too big for Soundstage. Sound wise the band were loud and clear.

The weird moment of the set took place when Michael invited female fans to come onstage and dance during “17 Girls” because one particular female got way too excited & gave Michael a prostate exam onstage at which point you could hear Michael’s vocals change tone for a moment and he had a huge grin afterwards. The frisky female fan kept groping Michael to a point where she was pretty much raping him on the outside of his pants and the shenanigans came to a halt when she tried it with Satchel because as soon as she went for his “area” Steel Panther’s roadie promptly escorted her off stage.

During the bands acoustic medley they played a comical song about Kanye West and it was during this point of the show that a woman standing next to me shouted out, “I fucking hate ballads!” which was comical in it’s own right considering Steel Panther were playing a parody of “More Than Words” by Extreme....I was not sure if she meant she hated the Extreme song or that she hates slow songs in general?!

All in all it was a fun show, Steel Panther always deliver a strong performance and I think the only thing that strikes me as “odd” about Steel Panther is their fan base because the Steel Panther fans tend to act like Steel Panther is not a “parody” band.... they are a modern day version of Spinal Tap and NOT a “real” band. I give Steel Panther credit for making a career out of bad hair metal clichés.


Author: Bob Suehs