May 13, 2015

Slash w/ Myles Kennedy - Rams Head Live

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SLASH w/ Myles Kennedy

May 13, 2015

Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

Slash Set List: You’re A Lie, Night Train, Avalon, Ghost, Back To Cali, Wicked Stone, Stone Blind, Double Talkin’ Jive, You Could Be Mine, Dr. Alibi, Welcome To The Jungle, Savage Sun, Dissident, Rocket Queen, Bent To Fly, World on Fire, Anastasia, Sweet Child o’ Mine, Slither, Paradise City

Usually a sold out club show is an uncomfortable experience where you are constantly being shoved and you’re forced to deal with rude people trying to get as close as possible to the stage with no concern for their fellow concert goer. That was not the case when Slash played a sold out show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on May 13, 2015.

The crowd was mellow and I did not witness any violence; Everyone was mannerly and overall it was a pleasant show.

Slash took the stage a tad after 9 PM and played a solid 2 hour set but the 2 hour set was 35% Slash playing extended solos and noodling around. The only part of the set that got a tad boring was the 10+ minute rendition of “Rocket Queen” and I will explain why it was anticlimactic. “Rocket Queen” is a song that’s technically 2 songs pieced together as one and the studio version is already long enough. Slash played the song faithful up until the lead break where Myles walked off stage and Slash played a non stop solo which was honestly boring due to the fact that he didn’t play a “hard rock” solo. Slash turned the volume down and did this never ending jam which went nowhere and just seemed to go on forever. I joked that Slash turned “Rocket Queen” into a hair metal version of “Free Bird” because the song was never ending!

Myles does an excellent job of nailing the AXL vocals and in all honesty I feel like he’s far superior to AXL. Slash has a strong backing band and I give him credit for keeping the style of Guns N Roses alive and well in 2015 because what AXL is currently doing on stage is not the true Guns N Roses style; Slash’s band captures the essence of what Guns had going on during their prime.

During “Paradise City” slash used confetti cannons to fill the venue with red, white & black confetti. The white confetti had “Slash - World On Fire” printed on it which made for an interesting souvenir of the show.

When Slash took the stage I noticed the back of his guitar headstock said, “Artist Proof” and his guitar tone onstage was loud as hell yet ultra clear.

Todd Kerns is Slash’s secret weapon because not only is the guy a beast on bass but he’s also a damn good singer. Todd was a star in Canada during the mid 90’s fronting a band called Age of Electric.

“Sweet Child o’ Mine”, “Slither” & “Paradise City” were the last 3 songs of the night and there was simply no way to top that ending because when the final notes of “Paradise City” played there was no where else to go!


Author: Bob Suehs