May 24, 2015

Geoff Lenox, Death By Armborst, and more

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Geoff Lenox

“Into The Light”

Geoff Lenox’s first solo record is an ambitious, energetic release that’s chock full o’ grit and emotions. Songs about loves lost, debauchery, and dark subject matter with a positive outlook...that’s what “Into The Light” is all about in a nutshell.

Musically this record reminds me Social Distortion with it’s punky overtones but sonically I feel like the metal side is a little more dominant than the punk side. Geoff’s lyrics are poignant, insightful, and touching while the music stays primarily intense and guitar heavy.

Vocally, the mellow moments on the record have a Tom Waits kinda feel which is where Geoff throws in a bit of his artistic side. “There Will Be A Day when you won’t think of me, when you do may the memory make you smile and not cry” is one of the more touching lines from the track “The Long Black Car” but in all honesty the entire song is a gut wrenching track that most people will be able to relate to on some level because it’s about various kinds of loss.

“America” reminds me of John Mellancamp with it’s pure Americana feel and vibe.

This is one of the few newer records where from start to finish every song is solid with no filler whatsoever; every song stands on it’s own as a solid work of art.

I would highly advise you to go and listen/download this entire record for FREE at

The Fall

“Sub-Lingual Tablet”

Lo-Fi punk rock that’s raw, in your face and at times crude; the latest release by long running overseas rockers The Fall is an interesting journey into rock’s underbelly mixed with a touch of nu-wave trippiness.

Musically the songs are scattered and remind me of the 70’s punk stuff that Richard Hell was creating.

Death By Armborst


The bands bio refers to them as a punk-ish band from Sweden but I’d say their sound is more straight up guitar driven Cali-sounding rock. For an independent release this 5 song EP (The track listing says 6 songs but my copy only has 5 so I’m calling it a 5 song EP!) sounds pretty good yet you can tell that this is more of a demo than a polished studio record which is what gives the band their sound.

“Solome” and “Ordinary Man” are the stand out tracks off this EP.

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Author: Bob Suehs