Jun 12, 2015

Buckcherry - Powerplant Live!

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June 12, 2015

Powerplant Live!

Baltimore, MD

I love the reckless rock n roll style of Buckcherry’s music; they are simple blues based rock with 80’s glam rock attitude. Essentially BC play an old-school style of hard rock that’s sleaze soaked with anthems about drugs, sex, and booze.....those topics would make you assume it’s an instant party 24/7 when Buckcherry play BUT the sad reality is that their shows seem to get smaller and smaller every time I see them.

The opener for this show was generic as anything you might hear on modern rock radio; the best way to describe it is Jersey Shore dudes with guitars!

It’s interesting how different the crowd was a week prior at this venue. I caught J. Roddy Walston a week earlier and it was packed, wall to wall, with people standing all the way to the very back trying to get a glimpse of the band. For this Buckcherry show the crowd was not even a quarter of that size for what J. Roddy had! If you bought the latest Buckcherry EP for $10 you could meet the band afterwards and they would sign it for you BUT they did no photographs with fans.

Probably the highlight of this night was seeing the Buckcherry dildo at the bands merch table which they were not allowed to display until later in the evening due to children being there. The Buckcherry dildo is actually quite small and I was told it was molded after one of the band members....that thing is NOTHING to brag about. I was joking that they should have made it ridiculously large and black!

Buckcherry opened their set with “Lit Up” and to me that seemed like a weird call considering that’s their biggest hit next to “Crazy Bitch” which was the closer for their set.

“Rescue Me” followed “Lit Up” and it sounded extra loud and powerful on this night but “All Night Long” just felt limp to me and it’s one of the songs from their catalog that I could do without every hearing them play live again.

The newer songs they played off the “F**k EP” sounded great and they performed them with energy and passion. “Sorry” and “Everything” were played back to back in the set and those 2 songs really fit well together, they are almost like companion pieces that complete each other.

There’s a story about all 5 guys in Buckcherry f**king a groupie 2 days after she had an abortion (blame Dizzy!); she claims that Keith had to stop midway because she was bleeding so bad....every time I see Buckcherry and particularly Keith I am reminded of that story....damn groupies!

Buckcherry’s encore consisted of “Say Fuck It” and “Too Drunk To F**k”. “Too Drunk...” was an odd choice to close on because it didn’t leave the crowd all worked up and wanting more....it actually ended on a bland note and in reality everyone could have left right after “Crazy Bitch” because the encore was so/so.

The sad part about this show is that it was a Friday night, a $5 concert, and the attendance was just so/so. Buckcherry sounded great, they delivered a solid show, but it feels like Buckcherry have been slowly sliding down that sad slope of losing it....their records are getting more and more bland as time goes on, their shows are less and less packed, and it’s sad because they are a great live band that just can’t keep up the momentum that they had when they started.

Author: Bob Suehs