Jul 28, 2015

3 Doors Down / Seether - Pier Six

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3 Doors Down / SEETHER

July 28, 2015

Pier Six

Baltimore, MD

3 Doors Down Set List: Here Without You, Duck & Run, The Broken, Let Me Go, Away From The Sun, Not My Time, Changes, Road Im On, Do It In The Dark, Loser, Behind Those Eyes, Danko, Another Day In Paradise, The Better Life, Citizen, Kryptonite, When I’m Gone

I have to start this review off with a realization I had once 3 Doors Down took the stage: “3 Doors Down is essentially modern country!” I made that connection while listening to the bands set because this is the same style that you hear on modern country radio today! It’s interesting to realize how 90’s modern alt rock has crossed over to become the modern country of today.

This show took place on a Tuesday which meant no matter how hard I tried I would definitely miss the first opener which happened was We Are Harlot. I was pleased to enter the venue and see that most of the seats were filled and the lawn was packed. The show was not a complete sell out BUT it had a large crowd which devoured the nonstop barrage of radio hits both Seether & 3 Doors Down played.

Seether took the stage at 7:50 PM which was the exact moment that I made my way into the venue. Seether’s stage was simple; they had a few strips of neon light directly behind them and each mic stand had Xmas lights, skulls, and broken dolls.

Seether impressed me with a set that was hit after hit. I am being dead serious when I tell you that each song performed was a radio hit and every fan seemed to know every word which made Seether’s set very enjoyable.

Seether closed with “Fake It” which ended things on a harsh/high note which was a stark contrast to how 3 Doors Down opened their set!

3 Doors Down had an interesting stage set up because on each side of the stage was a small set of bleachers which allowed a small group of fans to set onstage with the band and it reminded me of a little league baseball game in some ways.

I was surprised “Here Without You” was the set opener because they opened with an extremely mellow song which should have been utilized towards the middle of the bands set rather than the beginning. This was an outdoor show and on this day the best way I can describe the temperature is that it was VERY humid! You could literally see band members dripping in sweat onstage and the crowd was experiencing the same scenario through most of the show; this was a very hot night! Midway through the show it did cool down and watching the crowd sing and dance to 3 Doors Down was just as entertaining as watching the band perform because the crowd LOVED every moment of their set!

Photographing Brad Arnold is not easy because he moves around non stop onstage and he wears his hat so very low on his head that getting a shot of his eyes is a hard thing to do! 3 Doors Down sounded amazing, their live sound was clear, their vocals were clean, the music sounded just like it should and they even tossed in a Phil Collins cover!

Seether/3 Doors Down was an interesting combination because one band brought angst ridden grunge while the other brought radio ready pop/rock...the dynamics were well balanced on this bill!


Author: Bob Suehs