Aug 1, 2015

Veruca Salt - 9:30 Club

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Veruca Salt / Charly Bliss

August 1, 2015

9:30 Club

Washington, DC

Veruca Salt Set List: Prince of Wales, Europe, Black & Blonde, Straight, Sugarbowl, Forsythia, All Hail Me, Empty Bottle, Saint Me, Eyes On You, Volcano Girls, Don’t Make Me Prove It, Triage, Spiderman, Seether, Museum, Earth Crosser, ENCORE, Shutterbug, Shimmer, 25

 On the closing night of the Veruca Salt “Ghost Notes” Summer Tour at the 9:30 Club in DC Louise Post proclaimed, “It was almost a year to this date the last time we were in town.” She was referring to their previous show at the Black Cat in DC in 2014. Since that Black Cat show Veruca Salt recorded a new studio record entitled “Ghost Notes” and the band played nearly 1/2 of that record for the 9:30 Club crowd!

Charly Bliss opened the show and I was impressed with how well the band fit as the opener. Charly Bliss is a female fronted power pop act chock full o’ distortion and clearly influenced by Veruca Salt!

The stage set up was minimal for the entire evening, both bands used a small amount of gear and the large 9:30 Club stage looked almost empty at times due to lack of onstage gear.

Veruca Salt played a set that was comprised of nearly 50% new material and what’s interesting is how the new material gelled so well with the older material.

“Empty Bottles” was the moment in the set where things got introspective and quite beautiful. The song itself is about an old bar in Chicago that the band used to hang at frequently. The lyrics are so moving and universal you can almost relate the song to anything that’s moved you. I found myself listening to the lyrics and remembering pieces of my past which made me realize, damn, this is a good song!

 “Straight”, “Spiderman”, and ”Seether” were adored by the crowd and the encore started with Louise and Nina handing out roses to the crowd.

From start till finish this was a kick ass rock show and the band ended the first leg of their “Ghost Notes” tour on a definite high note!


Author: Bob Suehs