Aug 8, 2015

Kurt Cobain

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“A Documentary Film About The Death of Kurt Cobain”

I will admit that I was skeptical about this film because I had heard so many conspiracy theories regarding Cobain’s death and had thought they were all far fetched. Watching this film however I realized the facts were legit, the theory made sense, and that this film was 100% accurate!

The beginning was a little hard to follow because it details Detective Grant entering Cobain’s house to find a gun or suicide note, neither of which he found...sadly Cobain was already dead at that point but they didn’t look in the right room to find him.

Courtney Love comes off like a lying, ruthless, untrusting, junkie in this documentary and what paints that picture of her is her actual words! Det. Grant documented EVERYTHING and recorded every conversation he had with Love and others when it pertained to this case. Love admits to lying to the media about Kurt in order to help her record sales and a fact that Love denied is that Kurt had separated from her and wanted a divorce.

This film explains the facts quite well and the Seattle police were 100% to blame for much of the cover up in this case; they ruled the case a suicide before they ever developed the crime scene pics or looked deeper than the surface.

It’s sad that it took 20 years for this info to come out, but it does show the world what kind of person Courtney Love truly is and how evidence can be overlooked!

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Author: Bob Suehs