Aug 15, 2015

Tokio Hotel - Soundstage

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Tokio Hotel / MXMS

August 15, 2015


Baltimore, MD

Tokio Hotel’s performance on August 15, 2015 at Baltimore Soundstage was the most visual spectacle to ever take place in this venue. Tokio Hotel brought a stage show which featured a million dollars worth of lights, sound, and visual effects which created a stage show similar to Lady Gaga’s. Large curtains dropped down to create a theatrical effect between set changes and lasers shots from everywhere which added a “large arena rock” feel to this mid sized club show.

MXMS opened the show and they were melancholy 3 piece act with uplifting moments; The bands music was simple and vocal driven.

MXMS had a very tiny portion of the stage and it’s because the entire stage was filled with Tokio Hotel’s massive stage presentation! Tokio Hotel’s crew arrived early in the day to set up the stage and were there into the wee hours of the early morning breaking it all down.

Tokio Hotel performed a tight 90 minute set that opened with the band performing behind a sheer white curtain. The sheer white curtain covered the entire stage and made it feel as if the band were playing behind a movie screen in a movie theater. Lead singer Bill Kaulitz was standing center stage on his own personal lighted riser and his attire for the first set is best described as a mix of Michael Jackson, Adam Lambert, and Lady Gaga! Bill sported a crown and his costume reminded me of a futuristic action figure complete with gold glitter. The big difference between a hard rock band and a pop band was the crotch area of the singers costume. If Tokio Hotel was a metal band Bill would have sported a large cod piece ala Gene Simmons (KISS) or Blackie Lawless (WASP) but with Tokio being a pop band there was no cod piece just a glitter patch.

Visually Tokio’s set was a breathtaking, artistic experience the likes of which you NEVER see in a rock club. Tokio Hotel’s set was 1/2 rock, 1/2 rave/dance oriented and the mostly female crowd added an upbeat, fun energy to the evening.

The stage set up was much larger than usual for shows at this venue and they actually extended the stage a bit to accommodate for the extra set up. Audio wise Tokio Hotel sounded clear and precise to a point where you could clearly pick out the samples, backing tracks, and backing vocals. I would usually bust on a rock band for utilizing tracks and not playing 100% live BUT when it comes to Tokio Hotel they are not your average run of the mill “rock” band....their music is at times more “pop” than “rock” which gives them a pass with the added elements.

I can’t stress enough how massive this show was; the visual elements were beyond impressive and this was the biggest production ANY rock band has ever had at Soundstage.

Towards the end of the show Bill commented that the band would definitely be back to Baltimore soon because they enjoyed the city and had alot of fun at the show; there was also a comment about the next tour being the bands last but I am not sure if that was a joke or not.

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Author: Bob Suehs