Oct 1, 2015

Zin Vetro / Sonny Vincent - Metro Gallery

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Zin Vetro / Sonny Vincent

October 1, 2015

Metro Gallery

Baltimore, MD

I caught this show strictly on a whim; I’d heard the name Sonny Vincent because of Biters guitarist Matt Gabs and decided to check out this show on a not so random Thursday night.

Zin Vetro opened the show and I was impressed with this glam rock duo who’s sound is somewhere between The New York Dolls and The Clash. I was intrigued to see that Zin Vetro used NO samples and performed everything live. Treble soaked guitar tones coupled with Slammin’ drum fills kept the musical end of the band afloat with Erick’s vocals creating the actual song structure.

I was impressed with Zin Vetro and felt like they were the best band of the night because they sounded like a full band despite only being a duo.

Sonny Vincent.....his band were straight up NY styled punk rock with just a touch of old school glam. Sonny’s jet black hair, Johnny Cash style, and road aged Les Paul Custom Guitar owned the stage this night and the small crowd in attendance were treated to a real, in your face, old school rock show that delivered non stop energy from start to finish.

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Author: Bob Suehs