Oct 29, 2015

Garbage - 9:30 Club (night #2)

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Garbage / Torres

October 29, 2015

9:30 Club

Washington, DC

Garbage Set List: Subhuman, Supervixen, Queer, Driving Lesson, As Heaven is Wide, Butterfly Collector, Not My Idea, Trip My Wire, Milk, Fix Me Now, My Lover’s Box, Sleep, #1 Crush, Stupid Girl, Dog New Tricks, A Stroke of Luck, Only Happy When It Rains, Vow, ENCORE: Kick My Ass, Girl Don’t Come, Cherry Lips, Push It

After the show I spoke with Garbage guitarist Steve Marker for a few minutes and he asked me how I liked the 2nd night’s set list? I told him that I felt like it flowed much better because they performed “Vow” as the closer for their first set and I feel like “Vow” is an extremely powerful song that should always close their show. Steve told me that he felt like the set order for the previous night’s concert was stronger and our conversation ended with Steve telling me how he worked for KISS in the 80’s doing load in work when they played his hometown. Steve also told me that the Garbage 10/28/15 show was filmed by PBS for a future documentary on the 9:30 Club. Steve said there was going to be a series of concerts filmed at the 9:30 Club entitled “Live at the 9:30 Club” and Garbage were the first band to be filmed for the program which will air some time in 2016 on PBS.

Night #2 of Garbage’s 2 night tour closer in DC was a looser affair than the previous night. Band members drank shots onstage and joked while telling various stories about how the first record was recorded. Perhaps the most interesting story of the night was when Shirley detailed how “Girl Don’t Come” was written about the first time she experienced an orgasm at the age of 13.

 Overall I felt like the set list flowed better on this night because all of the b-sides were moved around and “Vow” closed the show with an outro that seemed to go on forever!

The biggest difference on this night was the encore which featured “Cherry Lips” and “Push It” as the encore closers. I enjoyed Night number 1’s encore of “Bad Boyfriend” and “Why Do You Love Me?” more than night number 2’s encore BUT the crowd was definitely happier with night number 2’s set closer.

Overall both nights were amazing shows and a terrific way for Garbage to end the USA leg of their 2016 world tour. Shirley commented before the show that Garbage were on a deadline to deliver their new album to management by the end of January 2016 which means there will be a new Garbage record in the first half of 2016 and a tour to follow!

Author: Bob Suehs