Nov 4, 2015

Pop Evil / Theory of a Deadman -Rams Head Live

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Pop Evil / Aranda / Theory of a Deadman

November 4, 2015

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, MD

Active Rock Radio is alive and well in Baltimore and the proof was in the pudding when Theory of a Deadman & Pop Evil nearly sold out Rams Head Live.

 Aranda are amazing song writers BUT performance wise they fall flat due to lack of originality. Aranda have an amazing amount of potential yet always let me down whenever I’ve seen their live show.

Pop Evil.....I give the band credit for lasting this long in an industry that’s far beyond fickle! What caught my eye before the band started their set was a sign on their merch table which stated, “Buy tonight's stage used snare drum for $500”. Also on the merch table was stage worn clothes and jewelry which fans could purchase.

 The sound quality for every band was superb; every band sounded loud, sharp and clear which isn’t always the case at Rams Head Live these days.

Pop Evil delivered a high energy set and the crowd adored every moment. The star of the Pop Evil set was definitely the bands drummer because he played the kit much like Animal from the Muppets does...he’s a madman!

Interesting side note; when Pop Evil’s set ended a portion of the crowd actually left! I believe that was due in part to this being a week night and much of the crowd clearly had school/work in the morning. The most interesting moment in the Pop Evil set was when the Aranda brothers joined Pop Evil onstage for a Tom Petty cover.

Theory of a Deadman have improved over the years and I give them credit for tightening things up. I was impressed with the random guitar solos, the between song banter, and the random covers which included “Sweet Home Alabama” by Skynyrd, “Paradise City” by Guns N Roses, and “Nut Shell” by Alice in Chains. The stage show had a “Big” rock feel with a massive light rig and a stage full of gear.

Overall I was impressed these bands could draw such a large crowd on a week night and proved rock was is not dead in Baltimore.



Author: Bob Suehs