Nov 5, 2015

Author & Punisher - Metro Gallery

Category: Live Reviews

Author & Punisher

November 5, 2015

Metro Gallery

Baltimore, MD

A night chock full o’ samples, synths, and electronic elements that replaced electric guitars and “live” instruments....that’s the best way to describe this show. My first Author & Punisher experience was when they were opening for Phil Anselmo and I couldn’t get a definitive look at the artists’ set up to see how much was live and how much was prerecorded.

At this show I was close enough to see that most of the moving parts on A&P’s stage contraption were simply for show and that most of the music was 100% from a lap top or sampled via a keyboard. Visually Author & Punisher are interesting yet fall flat for those who prefer “live” music.

Musically Author & Punisher are heavy, chunky, and mix Black Sabbath with NIN.

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Author: Bob Suehs