Nov 12, 2015

P.O.D. / I.C.P. - Soundstage

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November 12, 2015


Baltimore, MD

P.O.D. Set List:  Intro, Boom, This Goes Out To You, Murdered Love, Youth Of The Nation, Rise of the NWO, Eyez, Southtown, Alive

I will state for the record that I was only at this show for P.O.D.’s set and they killed it! The overall crowd was 100% Juggalo’s and there were more people wearing ICP make up than I had expected! The funny moment while walking through the crowd before P.O.D.’s set was when I spotted a guy wearing Paul Stanley (KISS) make up!

P.O.D. had a small sliver of the stage which gave their performance a very “in your face/punk rock” vibe and the band played off the crowd energy which made even more powerful.

“Boom” was the perfect opening number which created a mosh pit almost immediately. Sonny is an absolute hyper child onstage and he rarely stops moving while performing. It was interesting that Sonny wore a Suicidal Tendencies parody shirt onstage because once I saw that shirt it made me realize how much Mike Muir from ST had influenced Sonny’s onstage performance.

Noah had a drum kit which was totally transparent and after the first song blue x-mas lights were turned on inside the drums which outlined the entire parameter of his drums. The crowd chanted “Family” numerous times throughout the night and I had no idea that an ICP show was so communal; every band and every fan were all a part of the same ICP “Cult” where they were all equals.

“Alive” closed out the P.O.D. set completed by an outtro of “Freedom” by Rage Against the Machine and I decided to stick around just a bit to see what all the hype of ICP was about. I was warned up front that ICP drown the audience in Faygo soda BUT my assumption was that I would be ok to shoot the first 3 songs because the band would not dare soak photographers in the pit....right?! WRONG! I stayed in the photo pit for 1.5 songs and then all of a sudden the Faygo started to drench the front of the crowd and I immediately exited the front of the venue so my camera did not get destroyed.

I was slightly annoyed with the ICP show because no matter where you went you had to avoid flying 2 liter bottles of Faygo which did actually hit many concert goers in the head!

Ten minutes into ICP’s set the entire venue reeked of cheap, syrupy, rootbeer which wasn’t the worst smell in the world, it actually reminded me of cough syrup at times. The bulk of the crowd left the show drenched from head to toe in Faygo rootbeer and what shocked me was the mess the band left after their show!

I am not joking when I tell you that the ENTIRE venue was covered in Faygo rootbeer and that the floor was littered with empty 2 liter bottles of said drink! I have no clue why the ICP fans enjoy being baptized in rootbeer BUT for what it’s worth the bulk of the crowd loved every moment of the ICP set although I definitely feel like P.O.D. stole the show.


Author: Bob Suehs