Dec 13, 2015

All That Remains / Devour The Day - Rams Head Live

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Ram’s Head Live

Baltimore, MD


All That Remains played Baltimore on a mild Sunday evening and I was shocked to see the entire upstairs of Ram’s Head Live was shut down.  There was a decent sized crowd yet much smaller than previous times ATR performed here.


Missing the first 2 openers and arriving just as Devour The Day were taking the stage,  Devour The Day never impressed me at previous shows but for some reason, on this night, the band were on fire!  Devour the Day had an older gentleman up front who clearly was not there to see them.  The older man looked at the ground for most of their set and seemed out of it.  The band messed with him and at one point Joey started yelling at the man and told him he was bringing down his side of the stage.  Joey asked his roadie to buy the man a beer so it would loosen him up and clearly he did not care for Devour The Day.


All That Remains were the headliner and they played a kick ass hour long set that delivered the hits, a few older ones, and a few new ones.  I will admit that the bands new line up is far superior to how the band was in the past.  Having a new bass player adds an extra boost of testosterone to the mix which makes the band stronger.  The live audio mix for All That Remains was superb and you could hear every note played which made the crowd very happy.  There was a nice sized mosh pit which looked wild from a distance yet was very polite and mellow if you took a closer look. 


Technically speaking, this is the best All That Remains have ever sounded and they are definitely at the top of their game in terms of their song writing, performance, and overall stage presence.


All That Remains Set List:  Tremble, For We Are Many, Stand Up, Probably Won’t End Well, Air, Victory Lap, No Knock, Six, The Last Time, Hold On, Darkened, What If I Was Nothing, This Calling, Two Weeks

Author: Bob Suehs