Jan 17, 2016

Lamb of God / Anthrax - Fillmore

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Anthrax / Lamb of God




 Lamb of God Set List:

Desolation, 512, Walk With Me Through Hell, Still Echoes, Ruin, Subtle Arts, Faded Line, Something To Die For, Set To Fail, Blacken The Cursed, Erase This, Vigil, Laid To Rest, Redneck

“Can I get a big ol’ Rick Flair styled WOOOH!” declared Randy Blythe as he basked in the glory of yet another sold out show in Maryland.

This was the 3rd time that Lamb of God have sold out the Fillmore in Maryland and Randy stated that he had a “show boner” because he was far beyond excited for this show.  This particular show was like a homecoming for the band because their family and friends came from Virginia to see the guys. 

I entered the venue about 10 minutes prior to Anthrax taking the stage and I was shocked to see signs on the downstairs doors stating that the venue had reached the floor capacity and that all patrons would have to watch the show from upstairs which was also jam packed!

Anthrax came out fast and hard with an hour long set that covered all the hits accented with a few newer numbers to keep things fresh.  Anthrax sounded amazing, they had superb live sound, and I can’t say one negative thing about the bands performance on this night.

I did find it sad that Anthrax are part of the “Big 4” of thrash metal yet still open for bands much younger.  In reality you would think Anthrax would be above LOG but they are not.

I remember when Lamb of God started out; it was Lamb of God, Shadow’s Fall, and Killswitch Engage who were all touted as the “next big thing” in heavy music.  LOG clearly rose to the top of the metal heap and took their place as the predecessor’s of the metal crown.  Ironically Shadow’s Fall are no longer a band and their old lead guitarist is a current member of Anthrax!

 Lamb of God played a set that impressed me with great sound, killer lights, amazing energy, cool LED screens, and overall this was the best LOG performance I have ever seen.

 The crowd was packed in like sardines and the floor was constant movement until the last notes of “Redneck”.  The upstairs was so packed that if you arrived late you had a view which was limited to the top of the bands backdrop!

 I will say for the record that Lamb of God are at the top of their game and their current tour is their best overall production to date!

Author: Bob Suehs