Jan 26, 2016

Sunflower Dead, and more

Sunflower Dead, and more
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Sunflower Dead

“It’s Time To Get Weird”


The first thing I noticed about this record was the cool artwork……..the band clearly decided to pay homage to “Rock N Roll Over” by KISS with this albums art yet musically the sounds on this record are distinctly nu-metal and sound a lot like Disturbed.

“Nothing” is the stand out track on this record; it’s a strong ballad that has potential to push the band further in the music world.  “I’ll Burn It” is the best rocker on this disc and overall the band shows a lot of progress on this release while still maintaining the bands original sound and vibe.

Jonathan Davis from Korn makes a special appearance on the title track & this record was produced by former members of Snot & Ugly Kid Joe!


La Fin Absolute Du Monde

“Clarity Amongst The Rubble”

Dark, heavy, and intense; this 13 track record was released by a depressing duo with a band name that’s just too long to remember.  

I made that last statement as a joke because I had a hard time trying to figure out how to say the bands name and even typing their name for this review was a challenge because I had to make sure I didn’t spell it wrong! 

Musically this record is strong, the music is a mix of darkwave, metal, rock, pop, and dance with the emphasis being darkness.

Sonically this record is perfect, it’s moody, it’s dark, and it’s pure goth.

Author: Bob Suehs