Feb 5, 2016

The Cult & We Love The Underground

The Cult & We Love The Underground!
Category: CD/Video Reviews


“Children of the Program”

  Maryland based rockers We Love The Underground have a new release out which is a companion release to the book of the same name.

 Conceptually the theme is real, yet each track stands alone if the listener chooses to split up tracks from the overall set.

Production wise this record sounds slick and stands up with any major label release which is rare for unsigned artists to achieve at times.

“Hallway of Sorrows” kicks off the record with power, melodic drive, and intensity.  The melodic elements are what make this record so strong and I believe this is We Love The Undergrounds best release simply because the band shines in not only their performance but their song writing.

Check out We Love The Underground at www.welovetheunderground.com


“Hidden City”

Ian and Billy are at it again with a new record entitled “Hidden City” which picks up pretty close to where their last 2 studio records left off. 

Musically the guitars have amazing tone, Ian’s voice sounds great, and that’s pretty much all that matters when it comes to The Cult!

“G.O.A.T.” is the song that takes you back to old school “Love” era Cult with it’s gritty rock n roll attack while “Dark Energy” reveals a modern edge that sounds trendy yet true to what The Cult do.

I find it interesting that The Cult are releasing a new full length record after Ian revealed several years ago that he had no plans on ever recording a full length record; he planned to only release EP’s and initially the band were releasing their own self financed EP’s which didn’t quite pan out.

Overall the new Cult record is solid.

Author: Bob Suehs