Feb 12, 2016

Poison Idea / Noisem / Iron Reagan - Ottobar

Posion Idea 2/12/16
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February 12, 2016


Baltimore, Maryland

When Metallica chose their band name it was a wise choice because it described their sound to a tee; The band Noisem chose a name that describes their sound to a tee as well!

Noisem took the stage with a flurry of sound and aggressive distortion which reminded me of The Refused meets Norma Jean; intense on every level yet containing just enough musical composure that you could tell there was a song somewhere in the noise made onstage.

Noisem are the most interesting band to come out of Maryland in quite some time and the bands energy is beyond belief. Their sound is sheer noise while their approach to music is no holds bared!

 The interesting part of Noisem’s set was how they ended…the final notes were banged out and then they immediately packed their gear within minutes and were gone! 

Iron Reagan brought an old school thrash style to the show and they remind me a lot of Nuclear Assault.  Iron Reagan had a massive pit going for most of their set and they clearly brought a large crowd with them for this show.

 This was Poison Idea’s first ever Baltimore show and they sounded great.  At this point the band is quite a bit different than when they originally started out yet none of the crowd seemed to care because we were all rather excited to finally see the band play in Maryland.

 What I will say about this tour is the following: If you plan on attending any shows for this tour I would highly advise you to wear ear plugs because EVERY band on this bill play extremely loud!

Author: Bob Suehs