Mar 12, 2016

Butcher Babies - Fish Head Cantina

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March 12, 2016

Fish Head Cantina


 Carla and Heidi ooze sex and metal when they are onstage fronting their band the Butcher Babies.  What’s interesting is how they’ve managed to build a following despite having no commercial airplay.

 This show was not a total sell out but was definitely close and the crowd knew most of the words to almost every song.  

 Visually Carla and Heidi are fun to watch as they bounce around on stage and they have tightened their game up quite a bit since the first time I saw them.

 Heidi commented that she was sorry they had to miss out on the opening night of the Cradle of Filth tour which was slated to happen in Maryland and joked that they made it up to Maryland by coming back and playing a more intimate show for the fans.

 Butcher Babies played a little over an hour and before the last song of the night Heidi told the crowd that Butcher Babies would be back in a few months.

Author: Bob Suehs