Mar 28, 2016

Delta Deep - Howard Theater

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March 28, 2016

Howard Theatre

Washington, DC

 Set List:  Black Dog (Zeppelin Cover), Bang The Lid, Miss Me, Treat Her Like Candy, Black Coffee, Burnt Sally/Rock Me, Whiskey, Shuffle Sweet, Private Number, Bless These Blues, Mistreated (Deep Purple), Drum Solo, Down In The Delta, ENCORE: Feel It

 Phil Collen is best known as the lead guitarist for Def Leppard and Robert DeLeo is best known as the bassist for Stone Temple Pilots.  Delta Deep is a new band they recently started with Debbi Blackwell on lead vocals and Forrest Robinson on drums.

 Delta Deep is a kick ass blues band that sounds totally unique and distinct from previous bands DeLeo and Collen were a part of.  This was the first night of the bands East Coast tour and the promotion for this show was so lackluster that if it wasn’t for my buddy Mickey informing me of it I wouldn’t have known about it!

 The venue was set up like a dinner theater and everyone was seated at tables while the band churned out a full rock show.  The sound was superb, the lights were perfect, the chemistry amongst the band was inspiring, and the crowd seemed to soak up every second of the show.

 Collen stole the show with his dazzling riffage while Blackwell brought the true vibe of the blues and soul to the stage.

 The show opened with a Led Zeppelin cover and mixed in towards the end of the set was a nice surprise; “Bless The Blues” which is a brand new song the band had just written.  Phil joked that if he messed it up too bad it was simply because they’d never played it live before and that it was brand new.

 Blackwell told the crowd there would be a Delta Deep live record released later this year and it would be a compilation of the bands west coast tour.

 “Mistreated” originally performed by Deep Purple was the stand out track of the night.

 This show was a special treat for fans of STP and Def Leppard because you rarely get to see Collen and DeLeo in tiny, intimate venues like this with no barricade blocking the band from the crowd.  The interesting thing was how the show ended; the band took a bow, Forrest and DeLeo came back out to chat with fans for a few minutes, but for the most part the entire crowd just left.

Author: Bob Suehs