Apr 1, 2016

Disturbed - Soundstage

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April 1, 2016


Baltimore, MD

 Set List: Ten Thousand Fists, The Game, The Vengeful One, Prayer, Liberate, Land of Confusion (Genesis Cover), The Animal, Stupify, Darkness, The Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel cover), Inside the Fire, Stricken, The Light, Closer (NIN cover), I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2 Cover), Baba O’Riley (Who cover), Killing In The Name of (RATM Cover w/ Nonpoint), Indestructible, ENCORE: Voice, Down With The Sickness

 Disturbed have been on hiatus for a few years and the band decided to perform a series of intimate shows in smaller venues as a way to re-introduce the band’s presence back to the scene. Business wise this was a smart move because it drove fans crazy, created a massive amount of hype, and proved to promotors that Disturbed can still sell out every show!

 Nonpoint opened the show but due to torrential rain fall I missed their set.  The rain subsided just before Disturbed’s set started.

 Disturbed rolled into Baltimore a day early and partied in Charm City on March 30 making their way around the Fells Point and Power Plant areas.

 Drayman and co. had a massive stage show which was too large for Soundstage’s tiny stage.  Mike’s drum kit was so big that it consumed most of the stage leaving John, Dan, and Dave a minimal amount of room to move around.

 “Ten Thousand Fists” was the opening number and what I found interesting was the crowd; their level of enthusiasm was on 10 the entire show!  It was inspiring to look at the crowd and see so many metal fans screaming every single word Dave sang.  Disturbed are essentially classic rock at this point and it’s amazing to realize just how many “hits” the band have under their belt.

 What left me a tad underwhelmed about this show was the number of covers they performed.  Disturbed played 6 covers in their entirety which dumbfounded me because Disturbed have more than enough of their own originals to fill out a set.  I understand performing the covers they released as singles, BUT, performing 4 bland covers back to back that you can hear in almost any bar on a random week night is just a tad weird.  


Performance wise Disturbed were spot on, they sounded good, and the live mix was SUPER loud.  The middle of the show slowed down and featured a full on unplugged set where Mike left the drum kit and played bass.  The unplugged set featured 2 string players, 3 guitar players, bass, and vocals.  


Interesting side note; fans in the front were asked to put their cell phones away during Disturbed’s set and overall this was a jam packed, sweaty, reaffirmation that rock n roll is NOT dead!

Author: Bob Suehs