Apr 5, 2016

Fear Factory - Rams Head Live

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April 5, 2016

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, MD

 “Demanufacture” by Fear Factory was released on June 13, 1995 and to celebrate the record turning 20 years old Burton and Dino decided to perform “Demanufacture” in it’s entirety on their current tour.

 I arrived just as Spades and Blades were taking the stage and the most memorable part of their set was their drum kit which featured an actual tire rim where a cymbal would be!  Musically Spades and Blades were generic metal core and I feel like the band has yet to find their true sound.  Good stage performance overall but horrible sound.

 Soil work suffered from the same horrible live sound and that’s a shame because Soilwork were playing their asses off despite much of the bands guitar solo’s and sounds being buried in a muddy live sound mix. 

 Fear Factory took the stage after 11 PM and their show ended just around 12:30.  Burton and the boys sounded absolutely amazing and their live sound was clear as a bell! (no pun intended!)

 Tony Campos from Static X is the bands touring bassist and he added a lot to the band both in terms of playing and performance.  Tony has slimmed down quite a bit and looked great.

 Sonically Burton’s vocals have never sounded better and this was hands down the best performance I’ve ever seen Fear Factory give onstage.

 Watching this show I had a realization about how influential Killing Joke and Ministry were to Fear Factory and then it dawned on me that 2 of the members onstage WERE touring members of Ministry!  

 Overall this was a killer performance from Fear Factory and I can’t stress enough just how tight the band sounded on this night!

 Fear Factory Set List: Demanufacture, Self Bias Resistor, Zero Signal, Replica, New Breed, Dog Day Sunrise, Body Hammer, Flashpoint, H-K (Hunter-Killer), Pisschrist, A Therapy for Pain, Encore: Shock, Edgecrusher, Archetype, Soul Hacker, Dielectric, Regenerate, Martyr

Author: Bob Suehs