Apr 10, 2016

The Cult / Holy White Hounds - The Fillmore

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April 10, 2016

The Fillmore

Silver Spring, Maryland


The Cult Set List:  Wild Flower, Dark Energy, Rain, Horse Nation, Hinterland, Lil’ Devil, Gone, Rise, Birds of Paradise, Deeply Ordered Chaos, Sweet Soul Sister, Fire Woman, Phoenix, She Sells Sanctuary, ENCORE: G.O.A.T., Love Removal Machine


 The Cult have a new record titled “Hidden City” which for the most part is adult contemporary with occasional “rock” elements.  Ian and Billy stripped away the AC/DC styled guitar tone in favor of a milder approach for “Hidden City” and that “new” style is what made this show just a tad dry in some spots.

 Iowa natives Holy White Hounds opened the show with a strong set that’s best described as straight up rock with slight elements of alternative, surf, and contemporary alt rock.

 I was impressed with Holy White Hounds because they did something most bands can’t do these days; they played a set that was TOTALLY live with NO backing tracks, NO samples, and what you heard coming through their bands amps was EXACTLY what you saw being performed on that stage!

 Holy White Hounds singer/guitarist Brenton made several jokes onstage which were lost with this crowd due in part to the crowd being a tad older and unsure if he was truly joking or being serious.

 The Cult utilized the entire stage with a simple setup and their opening number “Wild Flower” set the pace for 70% of the show.  Sound wise this was the best I’ve ever heard The Cult in concert.  Ian’s vocals were clear, Billy’s guitar tone was god-like, the rhythm section was perfect, and the added keyboard in parts enhanced the show overall.

 Ian commented that The Cult was finally the “band” that he had envisioned and while they did sound amazing on this night I have to disagree because this version of the band performed an amazing set, yet lacked the reckless rock n roll elements they previously had.

 Overall the set was tight up until the newer songs were performed.  Ian commented that The Cult had 10 studio records under their belt and the guy next to me blurted out, “Yeah, but only 3 of them are good!” which made me laugh.

 “Gone” from the bands self titled record was performed and that was my personal favorite of the set simply because it was the most well balanced/well written song artistically in the set.

 “G.O.A.T.” was the best of the new material they performed and an interesting track to include in the encore.

 Overall I will say that The Cult killed it and this was an amazing show with the only downfall being too many new songs in the set which didn’t quite fit the vibe of the show.

Author: Bob Suehs