May 11, 2016

OTEP / Lacey Sturm - Soundstage

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May 11, 2016


Baltimore, Maryland

 The night prior I witnessed the over the top SIXX AM show at Rams Head Live….that was an experience in “Rock Star 101” simply because Nikki Sixx was in the house.  Catching up with Otep was a refreshing way to wipe off the fake elements of the night prior.

 I was impressed with the decent sized crowd that showed up to support Sturm and Otep because the last time Otep played Baltimore the crowd was very small.  

 September Mourning was finishing up their set as I arrived and I had no idea September Mourning were a full on theatrical rock act with members dressed in outlandish creepy leather gear.  I still have no idea what the singer looks like because she clearly wore a long white wig and her face was painted to a point where I could not tell if she was human!

 Lacey Sturm was direct support for Otep and her new band is a lot like her previous band Flyleaf!

 “Roxanne” by The Police was covered towards the end of her set and the show closer was a medley of Flyleaf songs which included “Fully Alive” and “So Sick”.  Interesting side note, Lacey’s guitarist is also her husband and their interaction onstage was tender at times; she kissed him at the end of the set as a thank you.

 OTEP destroyed Soundstage with a set that I can only describe as intense!  The stage was outlined with red Christmas lights and on the drum riser was an homage to Prince.  

 This was the longest set I’ve ever seen Otep play; clocking in at just over 90 minutes and chock full of new material this was Otep at her best!

 Otep comes off militant and harsh onstage BUT when you watch her close you can see that she loves her crowd and appreciates their support.  She will act “tough” but have moments where she breaks down and smiles because she’s clearly enjoying herself onstage.

 OTEP has always featured a revolving door of various musicians and this line up was different from previous line ups.  I have to admit that the rhythm section were extremely tight and this was one of the better touring version of OTEP.