Jun 2, 2016

Hatebreed / Devildriver - Soundstage

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June 2, 2016


Baltimore, Maryland


Devildriver Set List: End of The Line, Fighting Words, Not All Who Wander are Lost, Daybreak, I Could Care Less, Nothing’s Wrong, My Night Sky, Before The Hangman’s Noose, Clouds Over California, Ruthless, Meet The Wretched 

 Jamey Jasta told the crowd, “When Matt hits those drums people always begin hitting each other.  I don’t consider that violence, I call it “Consensual Violence”.”  That statement sums up the overall tone of the show and the irony is just how mature and respectful the entire crowd was towards each other.

 There was no true violence, there was no true anger, there was no ill feelings towards anyone in this room; the entire crowd was one with the bands and were there to celebrate unity through music.

 Devil You Know opened the show and I caught the tail end of their set which sounded good despite the lack of crowd participation.  

 Devildriver whipped the crowd into a heavy metal frenzy and the band has a few new faces since the last time I’d seen them which made the band feel new and fresh.  Dez commands the stage and enjoyed every moment he had with the crowd.  Don’t let Dez’s appearance fool you, he’s a happy guy and shows his love for the fans throughout his performance.

 Hatebreed were the nights headliner and what caught my eye almost as soon as I entered the venue were limited edition shirts that said “I Survived The Hatebreed Pit in Baltimore”.  The shirt featured a Hatebreed skull alongside the Baltimore Oriole’s mascot.  I was told that only 70 of those shirts were produced specifically for that evening.

 Hatebreed took the stage loud, fast, and intense.  Jamey smiled non stop, thanked the crowd constantly, and was clearly appreciative to be where he was.  

 Set wise Hatebreed played songs off every record they’d ever recorded and Jamey joked that the band did a solid job of covering the entire discography quite well.

 Towards the end of the show Jamey told the crowd that there was no race, no religion, no sex, and no differences between all the people in that room; they were all the same, all equal, and came together through music.

 Sound wise the entire show was superb and for heavier bands the overall mix was perfect.

Author: Bob Suehs