Jul 2, 2016

Richie Ramone - Ottobar

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July 2, 2016


Baltimore, Maryland

 Richie Ramone Set List: Durango 95, I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement, Somebody Put Something In My Drink, Smash You, I Just Wanna Have Something To Do, Better Than Me, Pretty Poison, Animal Boy, Blitzkrieg Bop, Entitled, I Fix This, Enjoy The Silence, Braggadocio, Today Your Love Tomorrow The World, Wart Hog, I’m Not Jesus, I Wanna Be Well, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

 Clare Misstake plays the aggressive bass, Ben Reagan does double dutie with guitar and drums, Ronnie Simmons on the lead guitar, and Richie Ramone is the living legend on drums and vocals; this is the Richie Ramone band!

 Local favorite Canker Blossom opened the show with a set that was pure pop punk intensity!  Canker Blossom should be signed and on the road spreading their music to the masses and it’s because what they do is extremely commercial yet so vulgar at times that it could never get radio airplay.  I’ve been a fan of Canker Blossom from day #1 and once you see them live you are instantly hooked.

 The large backdrop which adorned the back of the stage told the crowd what to expect…..Richie Ramone was in the house and ready to rock!

 Richie’s set was primarily Ramone’s heavy and featured mostly songs that Richie had penned while in the band.  It was refreshing to hear obscure tracks from the Ramone’s catalog that you rarely hear like “Durango 95” and “I Don’t Wanna Go Down To the Basement”.

 “Enjoy The Silence” was written by Depeche Mode and is a track off Richie’s latest release entitled “Cellophane”.  What made this Richie Ramone show memorable was Richie’s backing band.  

 Clare is a beast on bass and her large platform shoes make her already long legs even longer!  Clare’s the object on stage that you cannot not stop watching.

 Ben Reagan is a kick ass drummer and when Richie wants to play the drums Ben is ambidextrous and switches to rhythm guitar.

 Ronnie Simmons is a rock star on the lead guitar.  Ronnie played in Rose Tattoo, The Raskins, and his KISS army tattoo is fitting because he has toured with Ace Frehley!

 Richie Ramone is hands down the fastest drummer The Ramones ever had and his musical ability is obvious when you see him perform onstage.  He is a lead singer, a kick ass drummer, and a humble rock star.  At one point in the set Richie walked off stage and began hugging individuals in the crowd and thanked people one on one for being at the show.

 Sound wise Richie and company sounded excellent, the mix was clear, the band was tight, and in all honesty these guys are too good to be punk rock!  Punk rock is usually sloppy and messy; this band was tight and intense!  The only flub in the set was the moment that Ronnie’s Marshall Amp head blew up and he had to replace it with a Peavey head.  

 Richie Ramone has a new record out entitled “Cellophane” and it kicks ass.  He is currently on tour in support of it and If you like high energy punk rock this is a show you must see!  

 On a closing note I was very impressed by Richie’s march table which included $15 shirts, $10 stage used/signed Richie drum sticks, and various other Richie souvenirs which were all priced rather cheap.  It’s also interesting to note that the merch was only sold at the end of the night and Richie came out personally to meet every fan, taking pictures and signing autographs.

Author: Bob Suehs